Thursday, March 24, 2005

Man bites dog

Dennis Bailey at the Open Society Paradox, normally the most strident champion of Big Brother in the blogosphere, has two posts mentioning some of surveillance technology's downsides and failures. I checked, but April Fools is still a week away. ;-)

Actually, I've enjoyed an interesting email exchange recently with Dennis, and look forward to cracking open his book, of the same name as his blog, when I find two spare minutes to rub together.

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Taylor said...

NORML recently sent out an action alert to once again call in your support to the Texas House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee on the amended version of House Bill 254.

Apparently there is some doubt among the committee members that the new amended bill has the support the previous bill did. In light of this, I think we need to acknowledge that this bill is going to fail unless we call in asap. You can find their phone #s here.

The alert implies that everyone that is a resident of Texas call, as I did. The disturbing thing to me as when I conversed with Terry Keel's office, there seemed to be opposition to the new bill but support for the old unamended bill.

Seems to me that this is going to be a repeat of HB 715 which died pending in committee unless we see some dramatic action on our part to voice our support for the amended version. The amended version is the only one that has a chance of passage, it simply adds some of the amendments that were discussed here on Grits. Anyways, to anyone that reads this, please visit that website above and call their offices and call on all the members to bring the issue forward for a committe vote and to vote yes on the amended version of HB 254. Thanks in advance to all :P Keep up the good work Grits!