Tuesday, November 23, 2004

5th Circuit Bitch Slap: Death Row Conviction Overturned!

Apparently not wanting the U.S. Supreme Court to hog all the fun, on Friday the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals completely overturned the conviction of Max Soffar, who for the last 23 years resided on Texas' Death Row. Yet another embarrassment for Texas' worst court.

Let's face it, the Fifth Circuit is so right wing that when that bunch starts siding with defendants, it can only mean the Texas criminal justice system has gone completely around the bend.

Within 90 days Harris County prosecutors must either set Soffar free or decide to retry him from scratch, said the Houston Chronicle. ADA Roe Wilson said the Harris County District Attorney has not yet decided how to proceed.


Anonymous said...

Need to update your comments. It looks like Harris County just BITCH SLAPPED the 5th Circuit and sent Maxie back to the "row" where he belongs. How about those grits?

Anonymous said...

His name is Max by the way. And he does not belong on death row at all.
He has been wrongfully convicted but it is well known that it is hard to obtain your rights in Texas. It is so sad that an innocent person must wait for almost 29 years and still it is uncertain when finally the truth will be acknowledged.