Wednesday, November 03, 2004

What to Do Now: Thoughts on the morning after

I don't know what all the whining is for.
John Kerry sucked, okay sure, Bush sucked more.
But even if Kerry won the big show last night,
Those who want change would still have to fight.

Maybe it's better if we don't all feel
The Prez will take care of us, that shit's not real.
Dems backed the war and the Patriot Act.
As responsible as Bush is, still that's a fact.

One idea comes as the blogosphere chatters,
What if the two parties really don't matter?
What if the issues were pushed to the fore?
Healthcare, environment, end the drug war?

Why don't we tell Rs to do what we want?
Make all the arguments, skewer all the cant?
Hold them accountable, never back down,
Bring them constituents from their home town.

We spent so much time pushing Kerry's ambition
But did that make liberals abandon our mission?
Next year congressional Rs are in power,
But they're still politicians, still born to cower.

Bush passed drugs for seniors and prison drug treatment,
Not partisanship, just pandering he did.
So keep up the pressure and never forget,
When Rs run to the middle, they run to the left.

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