Sunday, November 07, 2004

The Innocent and the Not So Innocent

Abolish the Death Penalty, a blog devoted to, well, you guessed it, reports on two possible actual innocence cases on Texas Death Row, Max Soffar and Anthony Graves. Soffar recanted what appears to have been a false confession (I understand why people do that, but I don't, you know?), while key evidence, as in a lot of Houston death penalty cases simply is missing. In Graves case, Harris County prosecutors may have hidden evidence, and the presiding judge has said he regrets his role.

On the lighter side, if you find far right wing views by powerful state officials a real laugher, ADP also points to an item from Governor Rick Perry's spokesperson. She announced the Governor would not issue a proclamation on United Nations Day, identical to one issued by President Bush, because he considers the U.N. too liberal and anti-American. I mean, I live here and sometimes I can't believe these guys.

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