Monday, November 22, 2004

Texas Corruption Most Entertaining

Last week the Mayor and bookkeeper of La Grulla, a small South Texas town, were indicted for spending $53,700 in federal housing funds on a psychic.

I'd like to go on the record right now expressing my personal pride that Texas corruption is so much more bizarre, interesting, and fun than corruption almost anywhere else. I hear Louisiana gives us a run for our money, but, I mean ... come on!


oyster said...

There's an almost childlike innocence in your pride, there, partner. Louisianans wrote the book on the "bizarre, interesting and fun" aspects of political corruption.

Now, if the La Grulla Mayor wins re-election on a pro-corruption platform, proudly framing the indictment as a virtue, then you'll be approaching a Louisiana-level of the bizarre.

When you see "Vote for the Crook, It's important" bumperstickers in your state, and they capture an undeniable truth, let me know. Until then, in terms of the categories you mentioned, y'all are still playing in the Texas leagues.

Anonymous said...

we gave the country Bush who is a reincarnation of hitler,Enron wich turned power off to 5 states just to make more money,and lets not forget Haliburton screwing every tax payer with their iraq contracts ,and people
stil voting republican.we whooped all over Louisiana with that stick!

Anonymous said...

Texas holds the record for sustained political corruption since statehood, gunsmoke was still hanging in the air at san jacinto battlefield,when the politicos were after Houstons hide.

Texas anarchists are world class, real first class political thugs, and we produce a continuous supply of the lil demons here in the anarchist state, every full moon tide brings them in I think..