Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Medical Marijuana = Election Highlight

Before all else, Talk Left summed up my post-election feelings to a T. Thank you. And the new blog, evoting-experts performed admirably during yesterday's chaos; their posts are worth reading.

Meanwhile, my friends at Texans for Medical Marijuana sent out the happiest email I read today, so I thought I'd share it:

Dear Scott,

Medical marijuana ballot initiatives around the country were victorious last night, proving it is a non-partisan issue. Montana was big. Montana is now the 10th state in the country to protect medical marijuana patients from arrest.

At the municipal level voters also passed measures that protect medical marijuana patients and doctors. In Ann Arbor, Michigan voters amended the city charter to permit the medical use of marijuana. This comes on the heels of a 60% to 40% win for medical marijuana in Detroit on August 3rd.

Columbia Missouri voters also approved a local medical marijuana proposal, which makes it legal for chronically ill patients to possess and use marijuana with a doctor's consent.

When people have a chance to vote for medical marijuana it wins. In Texas however, we have another challenge. We must pass a medical marijuana law through the Texas State Legislature. The session starts in January and I hope Texas patients can count on you to help get a bill passed. Instead of directly voting we need people to lobby their representatives to vote for legislation.

Towards that end, we are mailing out our first campaign update letter to the folks on our list that we have no other way of contacting. If you live in the Austin area I need your help stuffing envelopes and eating pizza this coming Monday November 8th between 7 and 9 pm. Our office is at 1210 Rosewood Avenue. Please call the office (512-220-9209) or email me if you need directions. Thank you for your support and participation. I hope to see you Monday night!

Noelle Davis
Executive Director

If you can't make it for envelope stuffing, join TMM's mailing list or donate online. These folks are doing a great job.

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