Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Y'all come back now

Okay, I know it was bad poetry, okay, dreadful poetry, but I just checked the site meter stats to find someone from the Defense Intelligence Agency paid a friendly visit, or I assume that's what "," stands for; it said "(US-DOD)" in parentheses after the IP address.

What's the penalty for half-assed rhyming again?

Naturally all are welcome, I just found that a little odd.


John Azelvandre said...

Penalty for bad poetry? With this administration? Howzabout being suspended from the rafters by your toe-nails?

Anonymous said...

You need to do a google search on the exact info as to who was at your page. you will find you are one of hundreds assuming things, too. Nothing odd about it. When federal or military people do searches when they surf around, and your page comes up they stop by. Nothing covert about it, I can personally assure you of this. Like I a google search and see hundreds of people all " odd!" Oog.

Anonymous said...

I once had someone from the San Antonio city government find my website by typing in 'foreskin stretchers' in google.

Good times.


Gritsforbreakfast said...

The only thing I "assumed" was that was a spoook's IP address, and I think that's right. That said, Anonymous is correct, and I don't want to imply visiting the site constitutes some government persecution. But since DIA specializes in intelligence presaging military operations, and this low-traffic blog could be of little use for that task, I just, as I said, found it a little odd. Mostly I wonder why we're paying a bunch of spooks to waste their time googling domestic issues instead of hunting Osama bin Laden or figuring out what to do in Iraq.

Chris said...

A couple of years ago, I got a hit from the Department of Justice, and they had come to my site from a Google search using a Iranian-American friend's name. I *freaked* and emailed him. He said one of his friends had an internship at DOJ that summer, and told me not to worry.

Lissa said...

for a while i had a few people from the state of texas checking my blog out - which creeped me out (i'm an international student) until i realized/comforted myself by saying it's probably a bored bureaucrat. i gave 'em a shoutout, but haven't seen them around since... sigh... :(