Saturday, June 16, 2007

More shameless self-promotion: Advertise on Grits!

Hey everyone--another initiative to help keep this blog going! First ever advertising! Grits may be cheap and nutritious, but they are not free. ;-) So we're going to try launching ads in the right hand column and banners across the top through Blogads and independently. The link below takes you to blogads. Or, below that, advertise with me independently.

Grits for Breakfast reaches a dedicated and engaged audience of policymakers, criminal justice professionals in Texas (and the nation) and families of the incarcerated.

Traffic, you may ask? Traffic, indeed. Grits sees 1,400 or more unique visitors per day, making it a top blog in Texas and a top criminal justice blog nationwide.

Position on Google? The best. If your potential audience searches on Google using keywords related to criminal justice in Texas, Grits is nearly always at the top of the "natural" search list--they come straight here.

Who are the readers? Place your ad in front of staff, officials and victims of the criminal justice system in Texas--families of the incarcerated, people whose rights have been violated, jail, prison and youth commission officials, probation and parole officers, agency staff, private attorneys, lawmakers and their staffs, and more. More than half of Grits readers work in criminal justice related fields professionally.

Get to the bottom line! OK, Grits' rate of $100 per week for a top banner ad (best placement) or $60 per week for a side column ad (above the navigation links) ensures you reach your audience for a very low cost.

Contact me for longer term or bulk rates and save money!

Scott Henson
Put "Ad query" in the subject line.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Scott,

Congratulations on your decision to advertise on Grits. I think it's a fantastic site, full of extremely useful (and sometimes shocking) information. I also think that humans have a right to enjoy what they do and experience a little prosperity at the same time. I think that you could naturally link to lawyer referral services and places like I would also put in a little book store section referring people to books on topics such as Tulia, Beat the Heat, etc. Perhaps someone will write a book on Nyfong and you could refer to that, also ;-) I don't think anyone will think less of you or Grits for making the money you need to support your family. Clearly Grits is your passion. Just one small piece of advice. Don't sit there waiting for advertisers to come to you. Be a little proactive and get out there and sell yourself.