Friday, June 01, 2007

A really bizarre reaction to police corruption

This has got to be the most bizarre and unlikely reaction to police corruption I've ever heard. Even though thieves who stole hundreds of marijuana plants from his evidence room had a key, and even though the thief apparently knew about the drugs, Fort Sumner, NM Police Chief Wayne Atchley thinks an outsider must be responsible ("Marijuana stolen from Fort Sumner police," May 24). Said Atchley:
“If they had to come into our police department and get marijuana that means that my officers were doing their job and keeping drugs off the street,” he said.
Huh? This sounds like a COPS version of the Saturday Night Live news spoof segment, "Really!?!"

Chief Atchley thinks this means his officers are doing a GOOD job! Really? This means locals can have confidence in their police force! Really?

How stupid does Chief Atchley REALLY think people are?

You hear about police stealing drugs from the evidence locker all the time, but when you hear that claimed as evidence of the drug war's effectiveness, it's hard to do anything but shake your head and ask ...


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Anonymous said...

What idiocy from the Chief. This story is just one more in the heap of how "justice" has really come to mean "just-us."
Was there not a case last month when stolen drugs from a police evidence room wound up in brownies and an infamous 911 call? No charges filed there either. If this was not wrapped in police blue it would be a matter for serious investigation to save someone's children.
I read with interest the many stories (,,, etc.) filled with police corruption in our home town, in prisons, and at our boarders and wonder when we are going to wake up. When drug reform comes to legislatures, the police and correction unions stand tall for the safety of our communities and children. More bunk.

Anonymous said...

THAT story about the brownies made from confiscated marijuana left me with one conclusion. That conclusion was that the marijuana in question was deliberately tainted to catch a corrupt police officer. That's the most logical explanation for a 911 call and visit to the ER. Marijuana is notoriously nontoxic and ODs are unheard of. If I wanted to catch a cop who was stealing confiscated drugs, tainting them with substances that would produce a violent reaction that would lead to an emergency visit or an illness would be the surest way of catching that guy.
It also would explain why no criminal charges were filed. Would you want the public to know that you endangered the life of a cop to catch a thief - even if that cop were corrupt?

Anonymous said...

That cop did not have tainted brownies. Anyone would know if their weed was actually laced. PCP smells and if someone burned it, it would taste and smell like window cleaner or something. Other drugs you could see in the weed if it were laced like cocaine. The cop obviously was never really educated about drugs and their effects, he just freaked out. You ever hear of pot giving you paranoia? The cop ate tons and knew he was messed because he stole from evidence and now was consuming them with his wife.

Anonymous said...

I use to work for Chief Atchley. He did not steal the drugs and the story is not bizarre. It is a small town with a small budget in an old armory. Who knows how many people have keys?