Friday, June 15, 2007

Everyone Knows Kids Don't Lie

Every parent knows children won't lie, right? Obviously!

Children's opinions and statements cannot be manipulated by others and they're always truthful. Everybody knows that. I'm sure that's why Texas' just-passed Jessica's Law does not require corroboration for child victim witnesses in cases that henceforth will carry a 25 year minimum sentence.

According to The Deception Blog, by the ages 11-14, children are able to successfully deceive adults 54% of the time.


Anonymous said...

didn't jessica's law also remove the statute of limitations for child sex crimes?

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Yes they did. Not only that, but studies show the older you get the less accurately you remember stuff from your childhood. But who cares?! We're TUFF! Even if you happen to be innocent.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! Not only can they lie like little troopers, if they can't remember their well coached testimony the attorney can finish it for them without anyone objecting. Botttom line: His attorney would not let him tesitfy, they judge wouldn't give him a new attorney (the one he got hated him), he was caught in a passionate embrace with the girls the girl, the DA offered 8 years for a guilty plea and he wouldn't take it, they called him a monster and the jury gave him life. Oh yes, we need to really believe these evil little children.

Unknown said...

It doesn't even have to lead to a conviction to hurt the accused. Once you get tagged as a "child molester" your reputation is permanently smudged. And a lot of these accusations are used as leverage in child custody negotiations. What's worse: a mother who shamelessly lies and spreads hateful innuendo about an ex lover/husband [for your serial monogamists] or a husband who chooses such an immoral bedmate. Either way, the child suffers.
If a child is in trouble for misconduct and you present an alternative that doesn't involve retribution, why wouldn't that child jump at the chance? This is especially true when our revered leaders routinely bend and break the truth to promote moral crusades like the War on Terror and the War on Drugs. How does a child develop a moral compass with such blatant manipulation of the truth done by revered leaders and condoned by the "moral leaders" of our communities like pastors,priests and rabbis? Churches are notoriously in your face on matters of personal misconduct and doctrine and missing in action for institutional corruption and public deceit.