Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lies and the Brain

With the Texas Legislature gone I've had time to poke around the blogosphere a little more and ran across these interesting links on the subject of lying. I wanted to record them for myself and perhaps they may also interest Grits readers:
On a related note, I've become increasingly interested in the last couple of years in recent advancements in brain science and the implications for crime, punishment and justice. (After all, some liars convince themselves they're telling the truth, while memory tricks even honest observers.) This afternoon I discovered several websites that at least tangentially address these topics:
Found via Corrections Sentencing

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Unknown said...

Jesus put it best when he stated that none are so blind as those who will not see. He also stated that people tend to believe what their itching ears want to believe. So soothing lies that badmouth people you don't like are easy to believe. As are lies about the inherent justice of our economic system - especially if you happen to be a beneficiary of that system. It's no wonder that those in power resist reform.