Friday, June 29, 2007

Site Stuff: Conference Funding Update, and How Many Grits Readers Are Regulars?

First, I want to thank everybody who donated for me to attend the Restorative Justice conference in Kerrville - I'd asked readers to pony up $400 for me to attend, and by the time I'd returned from the event the total was just over $500 in response (and that's before I've checked the PO Box). Thanks, y'all, that really helps make it possible for me to provide higher-level stuff on this blog. It'll take me a few more days to finish up my reporting and thoughts on the conference, and I hope when I'm done writing up the event everyone thinks their contribution was worth it.

In other site news, since I signed up for Google Analytics three weeks ago I've gotten a lot of interesting data about Grits' site traffic. Perhaps the most interesting data have been metrics that give me a better sense of the number of Grits "regulars," which for these purposes I'll define as readers who visit the site on average three or more time per week.

According to Google Analytics, over the last three weeks 6,233 unique readers visited this blog nine or more times! That's a lot of folks, especially now that the Lege session is over. Thanks for reading, everybody!

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Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that there's one other set of regular readers -- those, like me, who read the site primarily through rss feed and may only venture onto the actual site in rare instances to leave a comment.