Friday, November 26, 2010

Criminals in Lubbock pause for Tech football games

Crime in Lubbock declines 14% when Texas Tech plays football, reports the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal. Further, for the period examined, "Tech’s 2008 upset of then-No. 1 Texas correlated with the sharpest drop in calls — more than 25 percent fewer calls than the average for the 7 to 11 p.m. period."

I'll bet there wasn't a lot of crime in College Station last night.


Prison Doc said...

Just like prisons, fewer inmate-on-inmate assaults during playoffs, super bowl, final four, etc.

Anonymous said...

There was some theft on the playing field, Scott.


never.forget said...

At least they are having a moment of fun before they land in jail.

After the game when Lubbock officials do catch these "criminals," the Lubbock juries sentence most of them to life in prison. Grits,take a look at the records of felony cases tried in Lubbock County. LIFE is Lubbock's mantra.

I guess they want to fill up that big new jail. How much money do they get from the state per prisoner? I read recently that it costs $30 a day to house a criminal. True?

Texas Tech recently got a grant from the state of about $500,000 for Tech law students to do investigative work on indigent cases. Also the state awarded about $250,000 and a contract to MHMR to treat the mentally ill who wind up in Lubbock County jail. This will pay for a psychiatrist to spend four hours once a week at the jail. No wonder the recidivism rate of mentally ill released from jail is 80%. The recidivism rate for all others is 47%.

The New York Post recently quoted the Department of Health and Human Services statement that 1 in every 5 Americans suffer from mental illness. Now there is a stat worth paying attention to. No wonder it has been said over and over again that our jails have become warehouses for the mentally ill.

Although we are very thankful for both awards given and badly needed in Lubbock, hasn't the cart before the horse here?

Anonymous said...

The real crime occuring in Lubbock on game day is taking place on the field. Plus, if calls for police service during games didn't decline, no law enforcement would be available to respond for they're all at the ball game providing security. It's an armed camp.

And despite the glee I have in Ut's 5-7 record, it is tempered by the fact that the one of the Whorns 5 victories was recorded here in the Hub.



Anonymous said...

Note what is stated at the end of the article. Fewer calls does not mean less crime.

"Fewer police calls does not necessarily indicate a lower crime rate, police said.

'Keep in mind that many of them are not calls for service nor actually reported crime,' Lubbock police Capt. Greg Stevens said in an e-mail. 'Many are traffic stops, alarm calls — most all false, disabled vehicles, found property, etc.' " I'd bet there are a few more assaults, reported or not, in the bars after the game.

Anonymous said...

That's because the criminals are in pads at the game, duh.