Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Open Thread

Hope y'all are having a great holiday. Here's a story from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on the Thanksgiving meal in Texas prisons and similar story about today's menu at the Harris County Jail. Even so, "at the Harris County Jail, the gustatory delights of Thanksgiving will recede as swiftly as they arrived. Supper today — to be served at midafternoon — will consist of corn dogs, minus the sticks."

Meanwhile, here's wishing Anthony Graves, Michael Green, Allen Porter, Stephen Brodie, and other Texas exonerees who were let out of prison in the last year an especially happy day today. I can only imagine how welcome their first Thanksgiving must be after spending years in prison for crimes they didn't commit. 

And, happy birthday today to Rev. Charles Kiker, a friend and ally for the last decade and regular Grits reader.

Finally, though it's off topic save for the "eating" theme on Thanksgiving Day, I feel compelled to share this short, simple tune from Woody Guthrie that's currently my four-year old grandaughter's favorite and is rapidly becoming mine. The tune's been in my head all morning while working on our own household's Big Meal. It's hard to sing it and not feel more cheerful. Try!

Use this as an open thread to talk about eating, or any Texas criminal justice topics your hearts desire.


Andy said...

I am thankful today for Ronnie Earle.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all...I'm thankful I'm out of prison and not going back...God provides for me with a decent job and a good place to live.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say thank you Scott. Thanks for your work and thanks for the forum.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for Grits, Scott. I visit daily, sometimes more and despite being old and at times obstinate, the blog is always thought prevoking. As for tonight:

Gig 'um, Aggies!


zeety said...

Funny, I'm thankful for the same things the previous four posters are.

As long as we're on the topic of Guthrie family Thanksgiving songs,
Alice's Restaurant

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Anonymous said...

Just want to say Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Also thank you for your hard work and perserverance, bravery to voice what needs to be heard by our elected officials.

Keep up the good work !!!


Charlie O said...

I was driving down the road in Baltimore, MD last night and heard on NPR that Tom Delay was found guilty. Maybe there's justice in Texas after all. Good news on the night before Thanksgiving. WOO HOO!

Hook Em Horns said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope your day was truly blessed.


JohnT said...

For Ahmet

For Thanksgiving we went to a fancy buffet. No cooking, no mess, plenty of variety and lots of food.

Ahmet was one of the chefs serving food. He is from Turkey, and remarked on the bird being named turkey. Ahmet happened to land in New York just at Thanksgiving and was amazed at all the signs saying "Turkey." What, he wondered, was going on in Turkey?

As it happens I've been curious for several weeks about what the connection is, if any, between Turkey the country and turkey, the bird. I've been meaning to consult the OED, but kept forgetting.

Ahmet jiggled my memory strong enough. I looked it up in the OED, and there is a connection. Rather tortuous, and more accidental history, but a connection neverthelss.

At the time of the Pilgrims, the North African guinea hen was known as the turkey-cock because it was believed that the Turks had introduced the guinea hen to Africa from Asia. The Pilgrims thought that these American birds were a kind of guinea hen, and so called it turkey-cock which became turkey.

Somebody might like to know besides Ahmet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Grits, and Happy Birthday to you today. Mutual Admiration Society? :)

Anonymous said...

Previous post is from Charles Kiker.

Tomaz in Dallas said...

I just ran across this article from the DMN:

"Willie Nelson was detained and arrested for marijuana possession on Friday, on his way back to Austin, after spending Thanksgiving in California, officials said.

Nelson and his crew, who were aboard the country music star's tour bus, were stopped Friday morning around 9 a.m., as they went through the border patrol checkpoint in Sierra Blanca.

Agents found 6 ounces of marijuana on the bus.

Nelson was taken to the Hudspeth County Jail where he was charged with marijuana possession.

He posted $2,500 bail and was on his way again."

Texas should pass a law that says folk 65 years of age and beyond shall never be charged with POM. Our hippies are getting older so just let'em be - please you stupid fucking republicans. Peace the hell out. Deuce's up.

Anonymous said...


It is my understanding that it costs less than a dollar a day to feed the prisoners at the Harris County jail. One has to wonder about the nutrition quality at that price point. Info came from a contractor, talking out of class. :~)

Anonymous said...

It was hard to find something to be thankful for, but I worked hard and finally came up with several things. My son got a call out to home. He said they got their two trays as usual for Thanksgiving. There were rumors with budget cuts, there would be no special meal this year. Glad that rumor wasn't true. He got a fresh apple and an orange, pickles and onion. Yum and goodie. He got one slice of turkey (roll, I assume). All in all, he seemed happy. Eight years down, twenty two to go. Me and mine doing time. Thanks Grits. I agree with the poster about your courage to not be afraid to say what needs to be said. Hope you never stop. Wish it could make a difference. Wish we could all make a difference.

zeety said...

A dollor a day to keep someone in jail?

Hahaha, keep fucking that chicken, moron.

Petra de Jong said...

A dollar a day to FEED a prisoner, zeety. Moron?