Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Final word: Court won't reconsider Keller decision

From AP. I think I can speak for everyone in saying I'm glad it's over. A likely less universal reaction is that I'm glad the three-judge panel at least fixed their error pinning Keller's legal fees on the taxpayers before denying the motion to reconsider.

At this point, opinions pro and con are more or less set in stone, and Keller's punishment, though not the findings criticizing her actions, has been finally overturned. In any event, a record was established, a conclusion reached by the commission, and blundering errors were witnessed throughout the process - from Richards' attorneys' missteps on the final day of his life to execution day procedures at the Court of Criminal Appeals to every stage of oversight afterward. But most importantly a rare, public debate occurred over the propriety of Keller's actions, casting more light on the court and its frequent dysfunction than it's seen in many a year.

Judge Michael Keasler's trouncing of Democrat Keith Hampton in last week's election casts doubt on whether Keller may be held accountable at the ballot box unless it's in a Republican primary, but of course, you never know. My great grandfather, Arch Sneed, worked as a cowboy on the XIT Ranch in the Texas Panhdndle from the time he was a as a teen in the 1890s until the historic ranch closed. As he was fond of saying when I was just a tot (a sentiment that's always stuck with me), there's never been a horse that can't be rode, never been a cowboy can't be throwed.


doran said...

Grits, my grandfather on my father's side was a cook on some of the post Civil War cattle drives out of Texas (I'm a bit older than you). He used to say that people are like cattle, mostly dumb with a strong herd instinct, and that if he were to start pushing a dried cow turd down the street with his nose, there would be a small crowd doing the same thing within a block or two.

I'm not sure this has anything at all to do with CCA and the Honorable Judges thereof, but I never pass up a chance to trade grandfatherly sayings.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Your grandfather sounds like a colorful fellow. ;)

Michael said...

Well, first, here's my grandfatherly comment. My grandfather, when asked, told my little brother that the big hump in the middle of the car (where the driveshaft was, I now know) was for baby bears to escape if they got caught in the engine. When my brother asked what happened to big bears, Grandpa replied that they were too smart to ever get caught in the engine.

You are welcome to your opinion that you're glad it's over. I am not. The Court's decision to dismiss the case against Judge Killer with no discipline is palpably illegitimate. Imagine a murder trial of a previously convicted felon where the jury finds the defendant guilty but mistakenly sentences him to probation. Would the Court of CrAp hold that the murderer should go free because the jury did not have the power to reach the sentence it made? Of course not. The Court's decision to do that in this case is a sham. It should have publicly slapped itself on the forehead and remanded the Commission's decision with instructions to OBEY THE LAW and sentence Keller.

Yes, there is an undisturbed finding that her actions were wrong. As you've noted, it won't make a difference to the Dumb on Crime folks who elected her in the first place.

DEWEY said...

"Killer" Keller is now officily (sp) a member of the "Good Ole Boy's Club"

John Regan said...

I don't see why anyone should be glad it's over given the outcome.

It shouldn't be over. One of the tactics of the powers that be is to wear everyone else down.

I still think the lawyers of Texas should protest in a one day strike, statewide. But unless someone like you endorses the idea there isn't any hope that will happen.

I think you should reconsider. At least remain open to the idea.

Hook Em Horns said...

DEWEY said...

"Killer" Keller is now officily (sp) a member of the "Good Ole Boy's Club"

11/10/2010 07:57:00 AM
She was a member long ago. She is the pinnacle of what's wrong with Texas. This state's inability or unwillingness to paddle Killer's ass is indicative if other problems that permeate the states in-justice system and tough on crime hogwash.

Texas remains a dangerous place to live and if you don't think so, go and stand in front of a judge ACCUSED and I will wait for your phone call.