Monday, November 08, 2010

Will Jon Stewart ask Rick Perry how the system "worked" in Anthony Graves case?

Texas Gov. Rick Perry will be on The Daily Show tonight promoting his new book. Matt Kelley at's Criminal Justice blog has launched a Twitter petition asking the Daily Show's John Stewart to confront Perry over his recent comment that Anthony Graves' recent exoneration from death row proves the system "works." I don't twit, or tweet, or whatever one does on Twitter, but Perry's "the system is working" comment about Graves certainly deserves confrontation on the national stage. I hope the question gets asked.

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UPDATE: Regrettably, no, he won't. Here's the video of Stewart's interview with Perry:

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Anonymous said...

I don't twitter or facebook or any of that stuff, but I hope the question gets asked.

Charles from Tulia

Anonymous said...

Evidently, the system works pretty well in Connecticut too! Good job, Jury!

Anonymous said...

You're crazy if you think they will cover anything substantive. You know good and well that Jon Stewart has a list of "off limits" topices that includes all negative topics from the HPV to the TFSC.

A Texas PO said...

12:35, that doesn't mean those questions won't get asked. Remember, Jon Stewart was one of the many reasons that "Crossfire" got cancelled when he told the hosts that they were hurting America. I think Stewart just might ask the right questions, particularly if the Daily Show audience, and the related Colbert Nation, push the issue.

Hook Em Horns said...

There's no point in asking Perry about the system because he obviously does not understand how it works.

zeety said...

His whole rationale seems to be "hey, be happy we didn't kill that boy."

Gee, thanks Guv.

And I'm wondering what's his motivation for going on the Daily Show. You think Perry has dilusions about doing something in 2012?

I guess it's not so far-fetched considering the recent insanity in the GOP with candidates like Sarah Palin. How anyone can take those people seriously is just beyond my comprehension.

It's like seeing a black guy in the white house and liberal causes like health care reform and gay rights and immigration issues getting attention has put their brains in a stupid frenzy. They think any crazy idea/person is gonna play well...and apparently they are right.

If you think the "system worked" after what they did to Graves you are brain damaged.

Anonymous said...

Our Governor looks great, then he spoke.
Besides if we ever put justice into the Criminal justice system it would require removing the tough on crime job corps mentality and all those who scratch out a living from dehumanizing and stigmatizing others would have to go work in food services or housekeeping industries. Perhaps some may even be smart enough to work in a call center in Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Jon Stewart: A smug, condescending, elitist, politically correct East Coast liberal.

The lefties in Austin love him.

PirateFriedman said...

But seriously, we need more elitism. Not necessarily liberal elitism. We need more elitism all around, more of it from conservatives, liberals and libertarians.

The first quality of a leader is admitting that you have a special quality that enables you to lead. If you're really "just one of da people" then don't open your mouth. Your opinions are cheap, scrawled on every message board all over the net, belching out of every loud mouth somebody calling into a talk show on every radio station.