Wednesday, June 06, 2007

New TYC rules make more kids eligible for release

Several new rules just took effect at the Texas Youth Commission that have received little attention and surprisingly no public comment since they were proposed in April. According to the Texas Register, Governor Perry's now-departed conservator at TYC, Jay Kimbrough, received no public input regarding several significant changes to the Administrative Code governing the youth prison agency.

For starters, the changes make it easier to release TYC kids even when they haven't completed various programs to which they've been assigned. It:
gives the Director of Treatment and Case Management the authority to grant waivers for certain youth who would otherwise be required to complete the chemical dependency treatment program, sexual behavior treatment program, or capital and serious violent offender treatment program in order to qualify for release on parole.
The new rule also reduces "the amount of time a youth must remain free of serious rule violations in order to be eligible for release on parole from 90 days to 30 days." FWIW I can guarantee you that change alone will dramatically increase the number of TYC youth eligible for release.

Another amendment gives TYC carte blanche to release kids into virtually any setting, giving:
the commission ... authority to release under supervision any child in its custody and place the child in his or her home or in any situation or family approved by the commission.
Finally, a new rule puts in place safeguards to ensure abuse investigations aren't prematurely closed or that supervisors don't ignore the results. The change:
requires that an officially closed report include: (1) the signatures of the supervisor who was responsible for making the final closure determination and the investigator who was the author of the investigation report; and (2) a statement by the supervisor if he/she disagrees with any portion of the report.
Often changes to the Administrative Code have as great an impact on criminal justice programming as changes in actual statutes, and IMO these are as significant for reducing overincarceration at TYC as anything the Legislature passed on the subject.

A lot more rulemaking must occur at TYC once SB 103 and other pending legislation becomes law, though the commissioner is the sole "decider" under the current structure - there's no longer a TYC board to have a traditional rulemaking process. A handful of other agencies like the Department of Insurance have a single commissioner who makes agency rules by him or herself, but that still makes the process pretty insular. It's astonishing in this case that with all the hoo-ha surrounding TYC this spring the agency received no public comments on the changes. That must be at least partially because the board had been disbanded.


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Anonymous said...

5:24, You keep saying "one or two people" but the truth is, there are ALOT of us on here, and causing trouble isn't what we are doing, WE are getting the truth out there, YOU just don't like what we are saying because you think it makes McFadden look bad, and guess what? YOU ARE RIGHT!But lets think about this for a second, are WE letting kids lick our fingers or is somebody else doing it? Are WE having sex on an office desk or is somebody else doing it? SEE...YOU GIVE US all the things that we are talking about, then you want to place the blame on us? YOU can put your head in the sand and pretend that none of these incidents occured or you could actually GET OFF YOUR ASS AND DO YOUR JOB!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow 5:24, What are you afraid of? Please tell me that with your paranoid, schizophrenic attitude that you are NOWHERE near kids? Don't they screen these people? Normally, from my experience's the ones who think "everybody is out to get them" have something to hide, just an observation.

Anonymous said...

5:24 If you want to contact this media person so bad. Why don't you post your information and let them contact you?

Gritsforbreakfast said...

I understand completely why employees wouldn't put their information here. Pick up the phone and call the Texas Observer or the Dallas Morning News. Ask for the reporters who worked on the TYC story. Trust me: You'll go grey waiting for the MSM to pick up stories off the blogs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks grits,Dallas Morning News is already working on the McFadden story.

Anonymous said...

This supposed media source came here, I didn't seek them out. There is no way in hell I believe that person is a reporter. And, there is also no way in hell the DMN is doing a story with all your allegations. If they put into print all the lies you've been spewing, they're putting themselves at risk of being sued, just like you are.
Let it go for christs sake.

Anonymous said...

11:04, I believe you need to be informed before you shoot your mouth off, DMN is doing a story, don't believe me? Call Doug Swanson tomorrow, ask him just how many McFadden employees he has talked to! When you don't know the truth....shut up!By the way, would you like Doug's work number or his cell phone?dumbass

Anonymous said...

People that were fired don't count as employees. And learn some punctuation in between hitting refresh.

Anonymous said...

hit spell check hetrick truly doesn't have an e ( from your previous post) oh and have some balls, put her name on here next time you want to talk shit about green, she can use this against you will she sues your dumb ass! God, talk this shit at work whoever your dumbass is! Pretty sure its either Hetrick or White though. You two don't have no balls anyways!

Anonymous said...

You may want to look into a copy of Grammar For Dummies, while you're at it.

on the right side said...

I for one am sick to death of this idiot that shows up late at night to bash somebody who did the right thing.Don't even acknowledge him and he will go away. He enjoys fighting with people because he has such a pathetic life.We will see who gets the last word in the end of all this. Who cares if somebody got fired from a shitty place like "McFaggot Ranch" anyway. What kind of people would want to stay in a place that treats their employees like that? If you were all smart, you would work together on this and stop ripping each other apart.They are dividing and conquering people, and you are helping them do it.Remember there is strength in numbers.

Anonymous said...

From the looks of things, it's your "side" that calls all the names and makes personal attacks.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous on 6/8/07 at 2:25PM

KK spells her name with an "I".

If you knew her, you would realize that she is not blogging. For those who say she is, find another scape goat.

Anonymous said...

6/29 7:50pm

Exactly. But, you have to remember, most people want to deflect away from the truth, and the truth here is that they were fired, and won't accept the responsibility about why. If she slings hate and venom towards others, she hopes no one will look at the real reasons she is no longer empolyed at McFadden Ranch.

Anonymous said...

Dear Grits,

Out of curiosity, I looked on the Dept of Justice website for the federal indictments mentioned in this string. Apparently, there is no "Denton" office. And there were no indictments in either the Eastern or Northern juridictions of Texas for anyone at McFadden.

Anonymous said...

7/6 2:51pm

Of course there isn't. The person posting all that nonsense on this thread as well as the others was/is spouting nothing but lies and accusations to turn the attention away from the truth and the real reasons she was fired.

There are no indictments, the Dallas Morning News didn't talk to all the McFadden employees to get a "story" and her "whistleblowing" wasn't why she was fired.

It was also an attempt to cause distrust and divide the JCO's loyalties. I do wish Grits would make an attempt to set the record straight with a post about the inaccuracies though.

It's unfortunate people like this exist, but at least she is gone and McFadden can begin to clean up the mess left in her wake.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Grits, I would like to set the record straight as well. I was told about this website from the friends that stood by me and still continue to stand beside me.If the truth be told, I spoke with Doug Swanson from the Dallas Morning News a few weeks ago about a story he is working on about corruption in the TYC system, he also spoke with numerous co-workers, so this talk that these are all false statements is very wrong. I will not comment on the reason I was terminated at McFadden Ranch because that case is currently being investigated by the federal government and the EEOC. I am not at liberty to speak on it. It should also be noted that my personal attorney filed suit last week and those that were responsible for the retaliation will be dealt with. I also would like it noted, that unlike the others that have posted here. I do not resort to name calling or such juvenile rantings. I am really glad to be rid of such a truly awful environment and I am better off away from such unprofessional people. Whomever mentioned that these people would not be able to cope within the gates of a "real" facility,was completely right. I came from working with some of the most genuine, compassionate human beings I have ever met at my last place of employment.... into a sick subculture of pedophilia and ignorance. I did not stand quietly while the abuse occured, therefore I was labeled a "troublemaker".I would do the same thing again if placed into the same position, I have absolutely NO REGRETS in any decision I made.If it makes it easier for McFadden Ranch employees to live with themselves placing all the blame onto me, so be it. For those that call themselves "religious" there...God placed me in the position he did for a reason, because my strength of character and my ability to do the right thing were something "HE" had faith in. I did what I was supposed to do, report a crime against a youth. You did what you did because you knew you could never control me or make me lie to authorities.Your opinion of me mean absolutely nothing, I consider the source. I sleep well at night knowing I did all I could in the short time I was there.I have moved on with my life and I will allow my attorneys to deal with the trainwreck that is McFadden Ranch.

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