Monday, July 30, 2007

Alberto Gonzales takes "Stop Snitching" code to new heights

On Sunday morning I watched some of the national talk shows where the scandal of the hour was US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' alleged mendacity before Congress last week, and I must admit I've rarely seen someone who's been in public service as long as Gonzales perform so poorly.

If the President is Commander in Chief, perhaps we may consider Alberto Gonzales Chief Prevaricator?

But the big story, to me, isn't that a politician allegedly lied, but why he lied. Reports the Washington Post, "In each case, Gonzales has appeared to lawmakers to be shielding uncomfortable facts about the Bush administration's conduct on sensitive matters."

In other words: Alberto Gonzales doesn't snitch.

The US Justice Department in the last year issued dour warnings about the "stop snitching" campaign and websites that reveal identities of government informants. But actions speak louder than words, and nothing a DoJ spokesman tells the press sends as strong a message to the public as the Attorney General's alleged willingness to perjure himself rather than rat out his boss.

To my mind, after last week Alberto Gonzales has replaced the rapper Cam'ron as the national poster boy for the "no snitching" code; the fact that he's also America's top law enforcement officer makes the irony that much more delicious, and more disgraceful.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Scooter.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Scooter, President Bush's power of the commutation and pardon puts him in the position of having more to offer Alberto Gonazles than the legislature.

They should be representing the people in a search for truth rather than who can protect their minions better.

Snitching is all about rewards. People that advocate refusing these rewards (and refusing to snitch) are trying to get to the truth rather than who has the most to offer.

It makes no difference if the snitching is at high levels of power or among poor people in the inner city, truth should not be for sale to the highest bidder!

Anonymous said...

BTW, the difference in levels of hypocrisy is instructive.

Hip-hop promoters of "stop snitching" at least don't portray themselves as the defenders of law and order. We may disagree with what they say, but at least they are consistent.

Gonzo is the top law enforcement officer in the nation. And his party, the Republicans, has long called itself the party of law and order. The get tough on crime party, the lock 'em up, adult time for adult crime party.

What a steaming pile of crap.

Mark Bennett said...

I wonder if there's some DOJ policy manual saying "don't snitch." here's the story of three DEA agents who refused to talk to local police about an agent-involved shooting, even though they didn't have any involvement in or, indeed, know anything about the shooting.

Anonymous said...

This administration is getting to look more and more like the Nixon era!

Anonymous said...

There's a saying: "Your actions speak louder than words". Some people call it hypocrisy. I call it a gross lack of consistency. What's good for the goose [local police doing drug raids - nice high!] is good for the gander [congress investigating administration misconduct].