Thursday, July 12, 2007

More on Idaho inmates in Texas private prisons

The blog Texas Prison Bidness has updates on what's happening with Idaho prisoners who were pulled out of the Geo Group facility in Dickens County after a suicide prompted an investigation of poor conditions:
See also prior, related Grits coverage:

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Don said...

I worked for Bill Clayton Detention Center in Littlefield, which also houses Idaho inmates. Grits blogged about the fraud involved when Idaho (or whoever) pays for programs that they don't have. Littlefield is where 60 or so of the Dickens County inmates are headed. They are converting classrooms to cells to hold them. GEO at BCDC currently has 3 employees in programs, two of which are leaving July 25. No substance abuse personnel, though they are ostensibly looking for someone. Idaho came to BCDC once during the 9 months I worked there. I had thought about the fact that it was essentially stealing money when they don't offer the programs they get paid for. And This is a LOT of money. Clients pay at least $10 per day per bed for programs. They are getting a total of $52 per day per bed.