Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Current and former TYC employees asked to participate in documentary

Austin journalist and documentary filmmaker Emily Pyle is working on a project about the Texas Youth Commission asked if I'd post this request for TYC employees or ex-employees to participate.
I know many current, former, and soon-to-be-former TYC staffers are regulars of the blog, and have some interesting perspectives on what's going on with the agency. A recent poster in the comments section was lamenting the fact that it is harder to get journalists’ attention on continuing problems at TYC now that most major media have moved on from the story, so I thought I’d offer my contact information.

I’m a producer with an independent production company working on a film about TYC. The film will look at the history of TYC, the recent abuse allegations, and the current efforts at reform. The project is supported entirely by public and private grant money.

Much of our project has to do with interviewing TYC inmates and their families, but we don't want to neglect the point of view of people who work at the agency. Any story about TYC that does not explicitly include the viewpoint of TYC staff - especially frontline staff – would be incomplete and would also run the risk of demonizing the people at the agency who do the most demanding and important work. At the moment, I have a lot of kids talking about abuse they've suffered at the hands of TYC staff, and not enough staff explaining the over-crowding, understaffing, and other conditions that create violent situations.

I know there are many concerns for TYC employees about talking with the media. We are able to offer identity protections such as blurring faces and disguising voices, but our preference is for folks who are willing and able to talk on camera. If you would be interested in giving an interview, or want more information, please contact me at

The film is planned for release in January, 2009. In the meantime, our site will be up in August at…hope ya'll stop by.


Anonymous said...

I would love to give an interview..after my legal case against TYC is completed. I have never in my life worked for such a corrupt agency and it needs to be exposed for what it is.I worked at a halfway house in the TYC system and I still can't believe how unprofessional and ignorant the staff I worked with every day was.It was a joke!

Anonymous said...

Well, keep the address on file, and give us a shout when your case is finished. We'd love to hear from you.

Unknown said...

Whoops, that anonymous comment was from me, of course.

Emily P.

Anonymous said...

Although I am eligible to retire right now, my original plan was to retire in 2008. For the time-being, I am taking a day-to-day wait and see approach to those plans. Perhaps by 2008 we will all have more of a perspective on what has happened, and what is happening in TYC. I feel that if I can retire honorably from the agency, I will have more credibility in what I have to say, and cannot be accused of either being a disgruntled terminated employee or a shill for management. Time will tell how that plan all works out! Old Salty

Unknown said...

True. I'm sure we'll all have a better idea what's going on when things have had a few months to shake out. We don't even know ourselves right now what the "story" of the documentary will be. We're just talking to people and keeping track of what happens to the kids.

Anonymous said...

For an historical perspective, you might want to try to find and interview Ron Jackson. He was raised in TYC and became the first ED after the Morales case. Neil Nichols would probably be unwilling to talk about the recent events, but he was also involved in the reconstruction of TYC following Morales and I have personally heard him give a wonderful historical perspective. Sandy Burnam was a caseworker at the time of the Morales case, and rose to be the Deputy ED. That is one honest, tough and straight-talking lady!

I really appreciate your stated desire to give a balanced perspective on TYC. There are lots and lots of good things that have gone on in this agency, and although the current administration from my perspective is having a shaky start, some more good may come out of all this. Only time will tell. Best wishes on your project. Old Salty

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Somebody said on another string Sandy Burnam is 6'5". Is that true, or legend?

Anonymous said...

6'5" is probably pretty close. She made for quite a striking presence and was the very first TYC administrator I met when I first came to work here more than ten years ago.

Anonymous said...

I agree.... Sandy, Neil, and Ron would be good interviews if you could get them to talk. Emily Helm as well. I'd love to hear them discuss what is going on today in the youth commission. I'd like to hear what Robinson would have to say. I'd like Dwight to explain just what the hell happened here, but he won't.

Anonymous said...

July 25, 2007

To America

On July 20, 2007 at about 7:30 p.m. my son Juan Manuel Albarado age 18, was sentenced to 30 year’s in the Texas Department of Corrections for Murder. The death of Joe Louis Carrion a 24 year old convicted drug dealer that had approached a hand full of young teenagers sixteen and seventeen year’s old to be exact. The night of May 14, 2005 he pulled up with three car loads of older criminally convicted felon’s ages twenty four thru forty-two year’s of age. These convicted felons aggressively approached these teenagers to do bodily harm. Joe Carrion wore num chucks an illegal weapon wrapped around his neck as he arrived at his cousins house looking for a gun and then drove over intoxicated to the house over on So. 3rd St where the teenager’s were standing outside, a couple of the teenagers had just thrown a beer can at one of the cars, aggressively these adult men returned. The night Joe Louis Carrion died he was picking on kids, kids that were scared for there life. Juan Manuel Albarado was A Junior High Student a child in his pre-teens that had been shown “American Me” with Edward James Olmos in an Abilene Public School a multiple of times, in a class room for at risk children full of minority students.

On July 20, 2007 A Taylor County Jury deliberated for four and a half hours, deciding the fate of my son Juan Manuel Albarado, just moments before Pastor Pecina of New Life Ministries had testified in Manuel’s defense he asked the jury to set my son free that he had a lot to offer the community if given a chance. Francisco Baez Associate Pastor for the Victory Ministries in Ft. Worth, TX, asked the jury to release Manuel to them that they were a structured environment and Manuel’s past experience with them had proven that people can change that he was writing, acting, and producing his own skits thru-out the Dallas Ft. Worth area that he was a leader, that should be given a chance. He spoke of his own criminal background and how he had changed and he saw the same potential in Manuel. Lance Voorhees another Pastor and Jail Chaplain spoke of his criminal background and that everyone deserved a chance, he spoke of Manuel’s good leadership qualities, his ambition to learn, that he was very articulate, that if society wanted to help and change our failing Criminal Justice System then they should help him not incarcerate him amongst adult men. It was all to no avail he was judged from the faults and mistakes of his youth, and not given the chance that our laws say he had. Not a CHANCE already a Government made prison pipe lined minority adult.

When the 30 year sentence was read by Judge Hamilton in the 104th District Court in Abilene, TX that is known as the “Friendly Frontier” my 15 year old son collapsed to the court-room floor with chest pains, seizure like symptoms and hyperventilating, as his family kneeled by his side and cried the Bailiffs, and the Guards just stood and watched, asking me! What do I do? Should I call an ambulance? I cried out of course! As my son laid on the Court Room floor fighting for a breath of air, foaming at the mouth, eyes behind his head and his body shivering. The Ambulance finally arrive and the paramedics pull Mario’s shivering body onto the rolling bed and down the elevator and out the door where the news cameras were waiting to get every shot of my son in his pain and anguish. He is rolled into the ambulance I step inside to be with my son, a Paramedic tells me I must get out! So I hurriedly look for a ride to the hospital and I arrive before they do, anxiously awaiting the ambulance that was taking so long to get my son to the Hospital. I later came to find out why the ambulance had taken so long, it was about 1:30 a.m. that morning when my son Mario stared to tell me just what had taken place inside that ambulance. He started to tell me that a lady paramedic in the ambulance had told the driver to stop at all the stop signs and red lights this guy is faking it. She started to ask him was he there for the So. 3rd St. Trial? He shook his head yes and she told him that her husband was a Police Officer and that he had worked that case, for him to stop faking it nobody in there cared about him, stop faking! Not even four year olds fake that bad, that he “Manuel” had gotten what he deserved, nobody cares stop faking! He told me that he thought she was going to kill him, he was so scared. I asked him why he had taken so long to tell me. He said because I was in shock of what I had just been thru.

On October 11, 2006 a Lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas Abilene Division concerning the Closed File Policy currently being practiced by James Eidson. It was respectfully submitted by The Southeastern Christian Association Dr. LeRoy Gillam and Attorney Zena Crenshaw in his personal capacity and not as District Attorney of Taylor County, Texas. Moishe Curtis Turner by his mother and next best friend, Deborah Johnson and Juan Manuel Albarado by his mother and next best friend, Anita Guajardo. Perhaps this explains why Moishe Curtis Turner whose family paid close to $90,000.00 for his defense and Juan Manuel Albarado had a Court Appointed Attorney and both teenagers were maliciously prosecuted and both are innocent and they were sentenced to 30 year’s in an adult prison. Two children of color both had a history of abuse and both were certified to stand trial as an adult, an Injustice not only in the “Friendly Frontier” of Abilene, TX but AMERICA!

The Injustice, cruelty, disproportionate sentencing incarcerations, racial profiling and Civil Rights Violations must be stopped in “The Friendly Frontier”


Anita Guajardo


Taylor County Jail
Juan Manuel Albarado #88410
910 So. 27th St.
Abilene, Tx 79603

July 17, 2006
Incarcerating The Minority, The Youth, The Child is running rampant thru out America with all eyes’ open. My name is Juan Manuel Albarado I am 17 year’s old I am currently Incarcerated in Taylor County Jail Abilene, Texas awaiting trial on a Murder charge and Escape. The youth of today are being raised by a dysfunctional society whether it is the parents caught in a cycle of abuse or our Countries Leader’s filtering children thru the Adult Criminal Justice System, where there is no hope of rehabilitation. True enough here in America we are given the opportunity of an education but the discrimination towards the minority has lead American Schools to teach us and program us as “Children at Risk” the Institutionalizing of the minority is beginning within the School System where a Jr High School Classroom full of minorities sitting in a Alternative School for “Kids at Risk” are made to watch “American Me” instead of Educating us. Where is the Justice in this System The Abilene Reporter News ran an Article on Trying Juveniles as Adults on July 14, 2006. The article according to Harriet Hagg whom works for the District Attorney James Eidson, specifically stated that the Juvenile System focuses more on rehabilitation than the adult system does. She said she would rather get juveniles the help the Texas Youth Commission offers, We need to try to get them help so that when they re-enter society, they’re law-abiding employable people,” she said. Therefore knowing all the statistical facts that are being conducted thru-out Americas most prestige’s Colleges that shows the residual effects are failing. The mental, physical, psychological effects of growing up in the Adult Criminal Justice System is deteriorating our society It is a known fact that one whom is tortured in such way’s learn to hate therefore where is the rehabilitation that is required on individual’s whom are being returned to the community and are expected to be a successful, employable member of society. This truly is CRUEL and UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT upon the youth of today the majority being minorities. Regardless of how mature and sophisticated a juvenile is this does not make them an adult. The brain is not fully developed, why keep sending the youth into adult prisons where violence and hatred run ramped. Suicide and rape amongst the young that are incarcerated with adults is at an all time high. This cruel environment is where the youth’s brain must finish developing and the results are hardened criminals. Our Leader’s can prevent this by not sending the youth into Adult Facilities. Keeping the Juveniles in the Juvenile System where there is a much higher chance of receiving rehabilitation. Abilene Texas proves once again that the minority youth are being sent into the Adult Prisons. In 2005 two out of the three juveniles charged with murder were certified, and all had a history of abuse, the two that were certified were minorities and the one that was left in the Juvenile System was Caucasian. I feel all youth should be given a chance of rehabilitation just as the Caucasian youth. To all the youth that are currently incarcerated in Adult Facilities, we must speak-up and ask our Leader’s to stop certification of all youth for the sake of America.


Juan Manuel Albarado #88410

Anonymous said...

Emily, please let us know here on Grits for Breakfast when your website is up and running. Many Grits fans, like myself, have been with the agency a long time, so we can tell you a lot. Most certainly, nothing in the past compares to what we are seeing right confusion and gross mismanagement. It seems that no one knows which end is up. I realize you are making a documentary, but even so, I predict your movie could win best picture because of the story it will tell.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

You know, Emily, you might get you a ticket out to Vegas and visit Bill Bush at UNLV - he's got a lot of past-decades history to add perspective, too.

Anonymous said...

Emily, these TDCJ people don't seem to understand what Morales v. Turman was all about. That might be where you want to start w/the present administration. If we continue on course, we are headed back to court.

Anonymous said...

Emily - how is this project being funded? Do you have investors or what??

Anonymous said...

Hey Juan, you reap what you sow.... an eye-for-an-eye in your case.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

"these TDCJ people don't seem to understand what Morales v. Turman was all about"

EXACTLY! That's why I think Emily ought to talk to Bill Bush.

Unknown said...

So many responses! Thanks, folks.

Ron Jackson and the other former CO folks are good suggestions. (Although I'm not sure how to find them beyond the phonebook...)

Bill Bush and I are in touch, as a matter of fact. Much as the crew would love to hit Vegas, however I think we'd be better off budget-wise trying to catch him next time he's in Texas.

We'll spend some time in the film looking at Morales/Turman, also. There certainly is a lot of history to put this story in context.

whitsfoe: We are a very small outfit, funded mostly by grants from film-making foundations and prison-reform organizations. When all else fails, we use my credit cards:) No investors as yet, but if you're offering...

Thanks again, all.

Anonymous said...

Could your balanced perspective also include an administrator or two? Also, don't forget the "Bush Years" and their impact on the current state of juvenile corrections in Texas. His "get tough on juvenile crime" stance made us what we are today.

Anonymous said...

Well, I can help Bill Bush come to Texas. How do we contact him and when do you want him - and for how long? How much $$$ is what I'm getting at....

Anonymous said...

Moarles vs Turman would be a good start, then the get tough years starting in 1994 that ran thru 2006.

Then things get kinda screwy starting in 2007 with the 80th legislation. I would want State Reps,Chuy Hinijosa, Whitmire, Pena, and Madden to give their perspective on how they fixed TYC and the choices they made to run this agency.

The ultimate goal at this point is to Institutionalize all youth. Get away from their smoke and mirrors about doing away with the open bay dorms. You can rid TYC tomorrow with these dorms but when you have leadership hell bent on treating youth like small adults were in trouble.

Again, I call for all the parents to step back up to the microphones and ask what programs do you (TYC) have for my child now that SB 103 went into place? You will get a perplexed, confused look, and then a "Would you like to be on a committee to help fix TYC"!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that your 15 year old had a seizure in court after his brother was committed for murder.

However, the fact remains that your 18 year old son murdered someone and will serve time for it.

If it was justifiable self defense then he should be freed.

If not, then he got less then he deserved. Your son will get 3 hots, a cot, and a whole lot of things most of us will never get while his victim is worm food! There is no parole or pardon from that!!

This doesn't sound like scared kids. He and his friends threw a beer can at some people in a car that were passing by a house. The people in the car stopped and your son killed the pissed off male in the group.

Your pleas, as a mother, for leniency are normal and expected, but the fact remains that your son and his friends assaulted people and then killed the person that responded to it. If the person he killed is as bad as you say he is then your son and his friends started crap with this person in order to be the big dog on the block and 30 years is a light sentence for the outcome of their actions. If they were really that scared, then why were they throwing beer cans at passing cars.

You also don't state what method your son used to kill this individual. This guy had num chucks and had stopped to pick up a gun.

Hmmm, apparently your son had something stronger then a firearm, because he was scared of course, and accidently killed this guy. Accidents really suck!

Another thing I find odd is your claim that he is punished severely because he is a mexican when his victim is a mexican. Like a black or white guy would get off for killing a mexican because of their race. Poor people are poor people and we all get screwed. Drop the race crap.

If you are going to tell a story and look for sympathy then please don't leave all these gaping holes and stop making all these excuses.

Your son may be a mexican, may have been high, may have been drunk, but these are not valid excuses for murder.

Stop using your skin color, inability for sobriety, or lack of parenting skills as an excuse for your sons lack of ethics and morals.

Stop making excuses for your sons actions.

The best thing you can do now is support him and use him to show your 15 year old why the stated activities are nothing more then a road to hell!

Harsh? Yes. BUT TRUE!!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Nobody has an excuse for their actions. We can not decriminalize a criminal. Race, economic situation etc. If we give the world excuses then we are all at fault - there is no order. I raised my kids under the best circumstances I could provide. Not the greatest economically or otherwise. We all have choices. If we screw up - we all know right from wrong - then we pay the price. Sorry if someone is 15...but we all know hurting someone is wrong if we are 2 or 35.

Anonymous said...

hey 9:50am or rather Green.

You and your supposed lawsuit are a joke, but I am glad you continue with it, it makes for some good laughing to end my day.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how tall she is, but Sandy is a tall woman. But it is not her height that is most impressive. What is most impressive about this woman is her mind, her integrity and her straight-talkin' way. I think she had something like 31 years or more with TYC. I would love to see someone entice her to come back to run TYC. Old Salty

Anonymous said...

Lots of interesting posts here. "Things have never been worse than they are now." For some reason, this made me think of a historical document I was just looking over this evening.

This evening I was reading over an audit that the state of Texas commissioned of the training school for delinquent boys. It covers the period from 1939-1941, in the wake of a legislative investigation of an inmate abuse scandal in 1937-38.

Here are a few choice quotes:

"The fact remains that general conditions with respect to the care, treatment, and rehabilitation of juvenile offenders in Texas is little short of disgraceful."

"The entire atmosphere of this institution is one of prison and penal confinement."

"The cottages are of large dormitory-type rooms with open shower and toilet facilities placed in one corner of the room with no screen or partition separating them from the sleeping quarters. The sight of dozens of boys ranging in ages from ten to twenty-one years being forced to live under these conditions is so repulsive to any one with a sense of decency that it should not be necessary to ask for changes."

"The vocational training program is non-existent."

"At this institution there are many evidences of regimentation and repression. One of the most striking evidences was the constant passing of long, silent, shuffling lines of boys marching about the grounds."

"Distasteful though it is, we feel it is our duty to give our impressions of the staff... The State, it seems, has succeeded only in obtaining a staff of well educated mule skinners... from all evidences the mules received far better care and treatment than the boys."

"Young ten and eleven year old boys are received and placed with older boys, many with marked sex abnormalities. Society has certainly bungled when a young wholesome boy goes to a State institution for some minor offense and comes out foul in mind and a sex degenerate."

Keep in mind, folks, that is not the ACLU or some other reform activist writing, but the Texas state auditor's office!

I hope I haven't depressed you all any more than you already are! I am looking forward to working with Emily some time in the next few months.

Bill Bush, UNLV

spearshaker said...

I came to TYC at the end of the 13 years it took to clear Morales v Turman. At that time, the Texas Youth Council became the TY Commission and all was well in the valley. Perhaps the new logo will solve all our problems now...I just keep having problems keeping TDCJ from showing through.

At the first American Correctional Association meeting in Texas, Judge Wayne Justice was our keynote speaker. I had the pleasure of a quick conversation with him later that day. I asked why the courts had rejected his "right to treatment" ruling. His response was it had not been rejected. He told me it had been sent back for reconsideration, apparently as a novel idea. His ruling had suggested the right to treatment could be inferred from the basics tenet that juveniles were to be treated differently than adults, as was first brought up in Gault (spelling?). In that case, the Supremes had determined that all persons had constitutional rights and any diffences between the processes for adults and children should be for the benefit of the child. Justice went on to say that the flagrant abuse of children was clearly illegal and the 5th Circuit indicated that all his rulings and decisions could be supported as a legitimate response to that issue. (My apologies if this is not technically correct, but I am not an attorney and it has been about 25 years). In any case, the court never did rule on the "right to treatment" suggested by Judge Justice.

Anonymous said...

10:48, again your ignorance is showing...maybe you should investigate things BEFORE you shoot off your mouth! Because, yet are WRONG! Oh and maybe after you check out the civil cases of Denton county, you should call Doug Swanson from the Dallas Morning News and see just how many people from McFadden he has talked to, and the EEOC and see what they plan on doing to you..just because it doesn't happen quickly, doesn't mean that its not happening, But you will see when the state garnishes your wages for the $15,000 you will be held PERSONALLY responsible for. Just will see.Oh and thanks for putting my name out there..yet again, I love does my attorney!Can you say slander? Have a GREAT DAY and next time have the guts to say who YOU really are...COWARD!

Anonymous said...

Let them say whatever they want Green. We all know the truth. They can't keep a JCO V in place because of how sh*tty that place is run. We got people leaving left and right.We got all kinds of racial sh*t goiing on and Cooke running around acting like its just great out here.You were the lucky one and we will stand behind you,but you know that. Right is right and wrong is wrong. You were on the side of right and I for one am proud to have known such a strong woman. Ya'll wanting to make a documentary on TYC, you got to talk to Ms. Green. She is one amazing woman.God Bless and good luck Green.

Anonymous said...

I have to say I agree with the statements made by employees of McFadden Ranch. I was only there a few months and can actually say I was looking for employment from the first day I witnessed the unprofessionalism of administration.The training was horrible and I can see why TYC has issues with keeping qualified staff.I found another job and resigned and never looked back.

Anonymous said...

Grits, If you don't mind, I would like to use this blog to thank those people at McFadden Ranch ( you all know who you are) who have supported me and stood beside me through this entire mess.You guys are awesome!!! I won't put anybody out there to be made a target for McFadden's administration to go after,but all of the calls and prayers and well wishes, they mean alot to me. Stay Strong people...Your loyalty is appreciated!

Anonymous said...

I fail to see any slander in the 10:48pm comment from yesterday.

And just whose wages are you garnishing? In the state of Texas, wages can only be garnished for monies owed to the IRS, Child Support/Alimoney and Federal Student Loans. None of which, are you. I am surprised your attorney didn't inform you of this minor detail. I'd advise a call to him immediately, except you can't call your imagination.

I'm willing to bet you aren't from Texas originally, and come from a state where wages can be garnished for most anything. Too bad you didn't do your research before spouting off in a public forum.

Stop wasting air, others could be using productively.

Unknown said...

8:14PM: We will absolutely be talking with administrators before all is said and done. If we've spent most of our time cultivating youth and staff so far, that's because those sources are harder and more time-consuming to find. I also believe that the more time we spend with people on the ground level, the better we are able to shape our questions for administrators.

8:56PM: We will definitely be looking at the Bush years. In fact, we'll look at all the successive waves of scandal and reform, all the way back to the turn of the century. It's certainly an agency with a long and storied history.

whitsfoe: That's an amazing offer! I believe Isela Gutierrez of TCJC is working on getting Bill out here to lecture on TYC history, and we are coordinating our efforts with hers. I suggest e-mailing her at and she will keep me in the loop. (Right, Isela?)

Thanks for all the great responses, guys. Keep 'em coming.

Anonymous said...

12:12..Bitterness is not very attractive in a person. "I" will not personally be garnishing anybody's wages, but perhaps you should look at Chapter 554 of the Texas Government Code before you start an arguements here. Have a wonderful day, and perhaps if you have any problems with my attorney, YOU should contact him directly. I do believe his name and address is part of public record now that suit has been filed.I would also like to say that it is SO unprofessional to be using this website while you are clocked in at work, perhaps that is why McFadden is in the state of shambles that it you have it folks, OUR tax payer money hard at work!By the way, I am finished with debating with someone who doesn't even have enough courage to let me know who exactly is attacking me.I am not a child molester or a liar therefore I did not fit into your "Cult" So, I will take my moral values and integrity and move on. McFadden Ranch is no place for these traits.If you have something to say to me, save it for court.

Anonymous said...

This article was in the Corsicana Daily Sun…

Rape suspect name released

20-year-old freed on parole 13 days before incident

by Loyd Cook

Two weeks after being released on parole from a Texas Youth Commission facility, 20-year-old Howard McJunkin is back in jail.

Corsicana Police Department officials on Tuesday released McJunkin’s name as the man they arrested on Monday. McJunkin is accused of aggravated sexual assault of an elderly person.

The incident occurred in the early morning hours Sunday, with a 79-year-old woman as the victim.

CPD Sgt. Darrell Waller said it’s incidents like these that add extra motivation for law enforcement officials.

“It’s tough to work one of these (incidents),” Waller said Tuesday. “Small children and elderly people are the cardinal sins.”

Police first started looking at McJunkin thanks to information provided by one of their own, juvenile Detective Greg Cloud. Waller said Cloud had seen McJunkin in the neighborhood and knew McJunkin’s background.

With McJunkin as a “person of interest,” law enforcement put together a photo lineup that included a picture of McJunkin.

The victim identified McJunkin as her attacker from the multiple photos provided for her to examine, Waller said.

McJunkin’s residence is located one street to the south of the victim’s residence and can be seen from the victim’s backyard, Waller said.

“It’s very important to have experienced officers here who know the people we deal with,” Waller said of Cloud’s knowledge of the suspect.

The elderly victim said the suspect forcibly entered her home and took money from her as well as sexually assaulting her.

In the process, Waller said, the suspect took some bedding from the victim’s home.

He’s asking any area resident who may have seen anything related to the incident to contact him at the police department, (903) 654-4911.

McJunkin remains in the Navarro County Justice Center jail in lieu of $250,000 bond.

Aggravated sexual assault of an elderly person is a first degree felony. If convicted, McJunkin would face no less than five years, nor more than 99 years, or life, in a Texas Department of Criminal Justice correctional facility.

OUR LEGE and Leaders at work with these poor children in TYC.

Anonymous said...


You can read 554 all day, but you still can not garnish wages in Texas. You can get a judgment sure, but you won't be collecting any money via wage garnishment.

And in your last statement you said, and I quote "But you will see when the state garnishes your wages for the $15,000 you will be held PERSONALLY responsible for"

For the record 554 says:
554.008. CIVIL PENALTY. (a) A supervisor who in violation of this chapter suspends or terminates the employment of a public employee or takes an adverse personnel action against the employee is liable for a civil penalty not to exceed $15,000.
(b) The attorney general or appropriate prosecuting attorney may sue to collect a civil penalty under this section.
(c) A civil penalty collected under this section shall be deposited in the state treasury.
(d) A civil penalty assessed under this section shall be paid by the supervisor and may not be paid by the employing
governmental entity.

Now, lets look at the 2 points I bolded. For your argument, I'll assume there was a violation, but look at the 2nd one. "May sue". Sue away, but the fact remains, no one's wages will be garnished to collect it. When you sue, there is the expectation the judgment will be paid by the person owing the judgment, but if they don't, to put it bluntly you are SOL.

Oh, and for the record, I do not work at McFadden, nor have I ever been there.

Anonymous said...

That's awful news. I wonder who will take the fall for this one. Certainly not Owens and Pope and certainly not the legislators.

Anonymous said...

I am a current employee of McFadden.So, if you have never been there, may I ask why you take such interest? I believe that not only do you work there but you are also one of the people named in the lawsuit.I agree that your wages probably won't be touched for this. Because if this succeeds, you will not have a job to have wages garnished from.Good Luck Green. You know how to reach me.

Anonymous said...

You bet, Emily. Whitsfoe, if you'd like to give toward bringing Dr. Bush out, but want to keep your identity anonymous you can send a donation to TCJC's mailing address:

Texas Criminal Justice Coalition
PO Box 301587
Austin, TX 78703-0027

I can guarantee that as long as the intention is specified in writing, your donation will be restricted exclusively to bringing Dr. Bush down to Texas, and will not be used to fund any of TCJC's general expenses.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Cool, good for you, Isela.

Emily, if you haven't you no doubt need to talk to this one, too. best,

Anonymous said...


I was only pointing out the statement about garnishing wages in Texas to be incorrect. I have zero interest in you or your lawsuit.

Anonymous said...


It really does not matter who's head is going to roll , if anyone, the elder lady is the one that took the brunt of the abuse from the lege and the public for wanting these kids out of jail.
We work with them, and we all know who is ready or not ready to leave not some outsider. Even if that outsider is a powerful legislator or head of TYC. The ones in the field are the ones that really know these kids.
Now granted you can not ever know who will reoffend, but you know who is not ready to re-enter society! How many more innocent children and elderly will be hurt by the ones that are out there on the streets now. This lady did not loose her life as far as breathing goes, but you know she is terrified daily by what happen to her. So her fear and the memory of this has probably taken a tole on the years she has left or shorten the years due to stress and fear caused by this kid. I wonder if he was on that push out list and he had stayed beyond his time?
The New CO needs to start listening to the ones in the field instead of making all the rules. This article proves that point forsure. The ones in the field are the experts.

Anonymous said...

Two weeks after being released on parole from a Texas Youth Commission facility, 20-year-old Howard McJunkin is back in jail.

Corsicana Police Department officials on Tuesday released McJunkin’s name as the man they arrested on Monday. McJunkin is accused of aggravated sexual assault of an elderly person

Anonymous said...

Another TDCJ employee (operational support) gets at job at TYC....

I am pleased to announce the selection of Debra Foxworth-Gibbs to the position of Assistant Superintendent at the Crockett State School. Mrs. Gibbs obtained her Bachelor of Science from Sam Houston State University, and she has served as a public servant in the field of corrections since May of 1990. Mrs. Gibbs has held various administrative positions during her career and brings to the TYC family a certain level of expertise with various training and staff development programs. She presented herself as a caring, competent individual with a sincere desire to help make a difference in Texas' system of Juvenile Justice.
Please join me in welcoming Mrs.Gibbs to our organization.


Anonymous said...

You mean one of the TDCJ people actually sent an e-mail introducing a new employee instead of having us read it in the paper or hear thru the grapevine?

Anonymous said...


Could you work on getting rid of TYC's TDCJ administration like you helped get rid of the previous one?

Do you think TYC's better off with a prison mentality and run by someone hiring totally on the good old boy and girl system, without even job postings?

Anonymous said...

His new name is "Bronco Billy." Another TDCJ square head pumped up on roids. We saw him in Crockett, and he kinda looks like a bulked up verson of Spong Bob Square Pants with the way he hikes up those pants on that waist line.

Go get'em Bronco Billy... Region 3 didn't too much of this one according to the backgate...

Anonymous said...

I think a documentary/film is a great idea. Talking to JCO staff, caseworkers, and teachers will present a more honest view of the youth. I am afraid that if so many youth have told Emily how abused by staff they are, she is being duped by these criminals. I am a teacher at TYC and take more verbal abuse in a day than I have in a lifetime of 50+ years outside of the gates. I have never heard such language and seen such blatant lying by youth while teaching in the public sector. Please, Emily, do not believe everything you hear from these kids. I truly care about my students, but I am also aware of their shortcomings.

Anonymous said...

Isela, I'd love to and trust that you'd be the keeper of my trust.

I have your work mailing address. If Bill can fly SWA, I have the rewards for a round trip (Nevada included). Or I can contribute some other way. I don't make a mint, but I'd be glad to contribute in any manner I can.

Thanks for getting involved Isela, your insight is different, but most welcomed. Lets get the truth out there no matter what...

My best, Whitsfoe….

Anonymous said...

Emily, I have been teaching at TYC for many years and I have never been cussed out. It's not that I have never heard them cuss because I certainly have, but I think 7:04 is exaggerating. Some of kids may tell you stories or half truths, but so do a lot of people who go fishing! The things you hear over and over again...those are the things that are true. The more people you listen to, kids included, the clearer the picture you'll have of what's going on at TYC.

Anonymous said...

Yes that's true.... look at how Britt Canary advanced, he sucked up to the former Dwight Harris administration, and bailed when everyone found out how full of shit he was afterall. Britt had a brown nose and well, brown nosing aint working here in Gainesville, much less C.O. So good riddance Canary.... Whipe the brown from your nose fat boy.....

Anonymous said...

I guess brown nosing is out and who you know in TDCJ is in??

Hell, at least we all knew the brown noser's, now days we don't have a clue who the next TDCJ hand me down is coming from, but I would be willing to bet they had their nose stuck somewhere to qualify for juvenile justice jobs they have no experience doing!

Anonymous said...

These lawsuits out of McFadden, is it also against Ms. Lashbrook, the main force behind what goes wrong in her facilities? How does she still have a job is beyond me and others. I guess having your best friend as your boss is the way to go. Good luck to McFadden Ranch employees, I hope you get justice. Ms. Green, you are the pioneer to open up the corruption that has occured not only at your HWH, but many others. I know that was not your intention, but you are inspiring alot of us.

Anonymous said...

Jerome Williams as the new Superintendent at Crockett, is Bayes getting Giddings?

What about Lukowiak, heard he may be moved to Evins as the Assistant?

Lets move all of these tenured juvenile specialists out of CO and bring in more experienced staff from TDCJ.

Anonymous said...

Thank you 9:37.I can't really talk about it, but lets just say...It should have an effect on your HWH too.Thank you for the compliments also. You are right, it wasn't my intention to do this, but it is just not in my nature to stand by and watch people abuse their power on kids either.I was/am not alone in my fight either..I have some really great people on my side. You will see when this is all over. Those that chose the right side will be vindicated and those who did wrong will be out of a job or worse

Anonymous said...

If you have never been cursed at and called a F$$$$ hoedog Bit$$ or FK bit.., or told I will get your job you rascist whore then I am proud for you! I also have been teaching for many years at TYC and this is a daily event accross the state. I have taught at two different units and have visited many. Got cussed out just visiting.
Being a FK$$$$ Hoedog BIT#### is a ongoing joke amoung teaching staff that we laugh about. Some of the names that they call us are so funny that we actually have to laugh at. JCO staff witness this kind of treatment to education staff daily. So you don't need to just take our word that this takes place. Read a few 225's that are written daily from Education.
You take this abuse and you get over it and forget it within five minutes. You learn not to take it personally and even in training they tell you to learn that first.
If you have never experienced that, wonderful you are so lucky. But don't asked this lady to believe it is not true!
I guess you have never had your desk, computer and all your work wiped off your desk by a student either! Or your room destroyed by a big fight! Sometimes they are back to back fights! Wait have you ever had to duck from a flying chair? I was wondering why TYC was securing filing cabinets to the wall. Could that be because students were getting tick off and turning them over in the classrooms? Did I mention stealing you blind while your helping another student? Don't paint this picture of these kids being normal and wonderful if that ticks you off ask the little lady in that Corsicana paper that got raped by one of these nice kids just days after his release if she believes you.
I am sorry for going off on this topic but I could not let this one go by me without correcting this situation. I am happy for you that you have never experienced this kind of behavior in your classroom, you are certanily one of a kind. I praise you for this and I hope you never experience this behavior in your room. It is hell to go thru daily. But we keep on keeping on no matter what they do to us.
To add to all of this stress we have to deal with adminstrators that think it is all our fault. TYC is more concerned with the paperwork they put on us and not the teaching we try to do. How clean our rooms are. Mop and sweep and clean it up is our job and don't you asked for any help in the classroom either with these kids.
IF TYC was honestly wanting these kids educated they would put aides in classroom during the school day that really work with the kids not sit and visit with staff and give us time to plan and prep for our classes(real time, not paperwork time) and they would reduce the class sizes and stop these classroom with 4-5 different grade levels in them. They would put 7th graders together, 8grade, 9grade and so forth to better educate these kids. That way teachers could teach a subject instead of having three or four grade levels in one classroom. Try teaching that day in and day out. I forgot this one "shut your fukkkk mouth bit... , don't talk to me" I think you get the picture of a day in the life of a tyc teacher.

Anonymous said...

This is for Ms. Green. May God be with you wherever you go and may you find much happiness in life. You have my respect and my gratitude for exposing the sick and disturbing atmosphere at McFadden and you have left a legacy. Not one day goes by without a kid asking about you or another staff member asking how you are doing.Remember those people. Forget all the others trying to break you down and tear apart your character.You are much too good to lower yourself to their level.Peace to you Ms.Green and God Bless.

Unknown said...

7:06PM: Trust me, we know better than to believe everything we hear from the kids or from anyone else, which is why we talk to as many people as we can. On the other hand, as 8:50PM points out, we tend to give credence to the things we hear repeatedly, from different boys at different facilities who have never met each other.

So far, the boys we've talked to really don't have a lot of bad to say about specific staff. Most will volunteer that they believe even the staff they have problems with are acting the way they do because of the situation they themselves are in. Like you folks, what the kids are really angry at is the system.

Honestly, I have found a great many of the kids we've talked with to be quite thoughtful and articulate about their situations. We've never been cursed at, and they excuse themselves if they do let one slip. Obviously, it makes all the difference in the world that when they talk to us they are in a private room with a reporter and camera crew, not out in the facility with their peers. They are on their best behavior, times ten. Still, I have to wonder what the environment is like out there if these boys change from being respectful young men to being violent, cursing thugs just by walking through a door.

E-mail me at if you want to share your views, on camera or off.

Anonymous said...

9:28, Canary has been gone for a year. Why don't you get pissed off at some people who are still the problem??????

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Whitsfoe. I really appreciate your kind words.

5:34, my interest is in a TYC that is transparent to the public and is on the cutting edge of juvenile justice best practices.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 9:28, Why would you be focused on Canary when there is a much bigger problem at GNS like the asst. super. G.H. She can not rally the employees to become “her team” so she has to lead with threats. At her first campus meeting at GNS she was busy letting everyone know what a “Bad Ass” she was. She treats the employees like they are something that she stepped in. I have heard some of the history behind her promotions and I am sure that she didn’t get this far up the TYC ladder without some butt kissing. Her people skills are as bad as her grammar. If you have read one of her email you know what I am talking about. I hope the media never speaks with her because TYC will look worse than ever!

Anonymous said...

It really doesn't surprise me that the kids spoke to as respectfully as they did. I guarantee you if you interviewed one prior to their commitment to TYC, you'd probably get a different response. Do you know what phases those kids were? I think your comment regarding their polite skills speaks well to our JCO and Caseworker staff who have done an excellent job of working with this group. Our TYC staff who are committed to the cause and really work with these kids do change most of them. 3% of them, though, never get it. JCOs and caseworkers, as far as I’m concerned, they can’t pay you guys/girls enough for the work you do.

Anonymous said...

Isela-With the administration that is currently in place, you may need to wait a considerable time for that "transparent" TYC you so earnestly desire. What with all the backdoor TDCJ appointments and the secret deals being cut to sell our kids to private facilities, I don't think any of our new executive administration is remotely interested in any scrutiny of its questionable, if not illegal, unethical practices. Wish we had a criminal justice coalition in Texas that could/would speak out against those who were supposed to bring TYC back from its darkest period, but instead chose to exploit TYC, its youth and staff for personal power and gain. Wouldn't that be great?

Anonymous said...

Well, we all knew this was about to happen. Harris County is feeling it now, huh Elmer?

Hunt on for juvenile detainee beds
County considers Eagle Lake facility now that TYC no longer an option.

Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle

Harris County officials are looking at sending more than 140 juvenile detainees to a Colorado County facility as the Juvenile Probation Department scrambles to absorb hundreds of offenders the Texas Youth Commission no longer will accept.

The county could buy or lease an abandoned, but relatively new, juvenile facility in Eagle Lake and have it running in two months, Bill Hawkins, head of the Harris County District Attorney's juvenile division, said at Thursday's county juvenile board meeting.

Without additional facilities, the county runs the risk that potentially dangerous youths who formerly were detained in local or TYC lockups will be out on the street, committing more crimes, Hawkins said.

"Juvenile recidivism is up," he said. "The outcomes are not as good as when the kids were being held longer."

According to Juvenile Probation Department Director Harvey Hetzel, youth offenders are serving shorter periods in county detention after their cases have been settled.

In 2004, the average stay was 58 days, Hetzel said. That has shrunk to 38 this year. Hetzel said he expects the average stay to hit 35 days as TYC's new policy effects are felt.

Harris County's juvenile probation facilities regularly have been cited for overcrowding by a state-monitoring agency in recent years.

Without additional detention space, that overcrowding could worsen because state lawmakers this year barred TYC from accepting youths convicted of misdemeanors, Hetzel said.

Last year, the county sent 425 juveniles to TYC for misdemeanor offenses.

Most were chronic offenders, and many did not curb criminal behavior after being detained at the county's juvenile bootcamp or other facilities, Hawkins said. Some originally were charged with felonies, including assault and drug dealing, but struck misdemeanor plea deals.

The governor's office and the Legislature sought to reform the TYC after a sex abuse scandal at a remote West Texas facility surfaced last February. The probe mushroomed, and lawmakers began looking at problems at far-flung TYC facilities and headquarters.

"The state has pushed back through the pipeline these kids we were legitimately sending to them," State District Judge Pat Shelton, one of the county's three juvenile judges, said earlier this week.

Youths sent to TYC included chronic shoplifters, and those who repeatedly took part in assaults and engaged in criminal mischief, Shelton said.

"What do you do if they are doing this every week, but you don't have the alternative sanction of TYC anymore?" he asked.

The state is providing Harris County with additional funding — $5.8 million — to defray the costs of detaining more youths during the next three years.

The $5.8 million represents only part of the expense of taking on an additional 425 youths a year, Hetzel said.

It would cost the county $6 million to $7 million a year to operate the Eagle Lake facility, and it will serve only 144 youths, he said.

Staffing concerns
Those operational costs, he said, don't include the cost of buying or leasing the facility, which was built in the 1990s.

District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal has offered to give the probation department $2.2 million to help buy or lease in Eagle Lake. The money would come from assets forfeited by criminals, Hawkins said.

Eagle Lake is about 65 miles west of downtown Houston in a sparsely populated area. The facility would need a staff of 125, most of whom would come from the surrounding area.

Hetzel said he was worried he may not be able to find enough staff for the facility.

"I have difficulty staffing our boot camp in Katy," he said.

The juvenile board authorized using some of the $5.8 million to put youths in private detention facilities in Texas.

But with too few detention beds, more youths who used to be detained in local or TYC lockups will be placed on probation, Hetzel said. Others will serve shorter sentences before being released on probation.

More than $800,000 of the $5.8 million will pay for expanding programs that monitor youths released from detention and aiding them in living productive lives.

County juvenile detention facilities are being expanded and soon will have 470 beds for those whose cases have been decided, and 250 beds for others.

Commissioners Court likely will ask voters this November to approve $76 million in bonds to convert the jail at 1301 Franklin into a juvenile facility.

Whatcha’ thinking now Mr. Fudd? Those are your constituents ya know?

Anonymous said...

"Juvenile recidivism is up,"

"The outcomes are not as good as when the kids were being held longer."

"youth offenders are serving shorter periods in county detention after their cases have been settled."

"The state is providing Harris County with additional funding — $5.8 million — to defray the costs of detaining more youths during the next three years.

The $5.8 million represents only part of the expense of taking on an additional 425 youths a year, Hetzel said.

It would cost the county $6 million to $7 million a year to operate the Eagle Lake facility, and it will serve only 144 youths, he said."

"Eagle Lake is about 65 miles west of downtown Houston in a sparsely populated area. The facility would need a staff of 125, most of whom would come from the surrounding area." (Note: Sheffield Boot Camp and Ft. Stockton).

"Harris County's juvenile probation facilities regularly have been cited for overcrowding by a state-monitoring agency in recent years."

"Hetzel said he was worried he may not be able to find enough staff for the facility.

"I have difficulty staffing our boot camp in Katy," he said."

Sound familiar?? And that's pretty damn close to H-town.... but it gets better....

"Commissioners Court likely will ask voters this November to approve $76 million in bonds to convert the jail at 1301 Franklin into a juvenile facility."

A jail that was built for adults is going to serve juvenile offenders much the same way Marlin and San Saba's prison design was meant for adult offenders? How are we not chasing our tails here folks?

Anonymous said...

I also have been wondering where is the Texas Coalition Advocating for Justice for Juveniles in all this nonsense? Where is the criticism of what were supposed to be great reforms and have just led to youth being held in detention centers? The coalition thinks TYC is abusive. I would love to see an all out investigation of juvenile probation detention centers and compare the rates of abuse? Youth in detention centers do not go to school, do not receive treatment, may get one hour out of their isolation cell. Look at Harris County. They are just going to open another prison, an adult prison, to serve as a juvenile detention center. What were the legistlators thinking? Youth who central office ordered to be released, under the direction of J.K., who field staff would have said no way in hell should that kid hit the streets, are released to engage in aggravated assault of an elderly woman? Where is the uproar now. Where are the questions about the governor and agency putting people into position who have no idea what they are doing about juvenile justice? Where is the Blue Ribbon report??

How can TDCJ staff possibly know anything about evidence based treatment programs, their development, or their implementation when all they are worried about is making sure all staff know how to use OC spray and having youth in security cuff up through the food slot before opening the door?Documentary's are important but come on people there is all kinds of stuff hitting the fan that will have a major impact for years to come and there is no one talking about it. Is this really what you envisioned Isela when you spent all that time helping to mold legislation? I sure hope not.

Anonymous said...

Isela, I would like for you to comment about your honest thoughts about what you see in TYC facilities. I can tell you it's worse now than 6 months ago and would like for you and any connections you may have to push aside the smoke screen that is being blown from Austin just long enough to see what both youth and staff are going through.

Yes, I include staff based upon the premise when staff are happy they do not come to work and take out their frustrations on the youth. This is sad but true but can be fixed if somebody would please step up and say "where is the plan", "why are staffing numbers so low", why are all Administrative jobs going to staff who have no juvenile experience"?

I know you can see this and the impending doom for the youth of this State. The majority of us who stay do so based upon the desire to change, work, and see a young man/girl leave TYC with an opportunity, but this hope is fading fast.

The facility locations have never been an issue and for those that continue to believe this have no real experience in this field. What transpired in West Texas was terrible but had nothing to do with location. Staffing at the majority of TDCJ facilities are similar to TYC but you do not hear this outcry. The ability to hire staff and pay what TYC pays keeps these facilities in your smaller communities where the cost of living is reasonable.

Could you live in Austin and make $1836 a month and survive? No you could not, but this is all rhetoric to keep everyone away from the real issue, keep the youth population down where staff can supervise and provide oversight, and abuse, neglect becomes non-existent. We need someone to advocate for smaller youth populations and not hiring 500 additional JCO's.

When you cannot fill these positions youth will still arrive and you have abuse, neglect, and then cover ups and finger pointing. This is not TDCJ where you turn a blind eye and pepper spray every time something breaks out, you try to communicate and work with them.

Lower youth population equals better child care practices, look at Mart I and II and ask how many actual JCO vacancies do they have, then look at the TDCJ facilities in the area. This is a recipe for disaster but nobody wants to admit this, until something terrible happens.

Anonymous said...

If they only had a brain. What a bunch of idiots. They lack a Lion’s Heart and the Brains of a Tin Man. Soon, we’ll have to expose them.

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI.

On behalf of Judi Benestante, Superintendent of Education, please be advised that beginning Tuesday, 7/31/07, Terry McEwen will be serving as Acting Principal at Victory Field Correctional Academy in addition to his normal responsibilities as Principal at Gainesville State School.

In addition, Dennis Smith began serving as Acting Principal at Al Price State Juvenile Correctional Facility on 7/25/07 in addition to his normal responsibilities as Principal at Giddings State School.

Anonymous said...

Anybody heard the rumor that administrators in CO are authorizing the use of state credit cards to purchase personal clthing?

Anonymous said...

Yes, at Al Price but they will justify the use.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord...this is crazy. Where are you now Isela? Why aren't you asking the hard questions of the new administration? Now that the news cameras are pretty much gone, is it just not fun anymore. I apologize for my sarcasm, but we have been through hell and we are trying to hang on, but I just don't see much to hang on for anymore. We are fortunate at my facility - because of the caliber of staff we do have, we are maintaining and carrying on, but with all the superintendent moves happening now, I don't know what will happen to us. I just don't see a direction anymore. Do we restrain? Do we just pepper spray them all? Do we have group? What are we doing? If someone would just answer this question - where are we going? I don't think anyone in charge now knows. It's scary.

Anonymous said...

Isela, the inly thing that is transparent is that you have to know Pope to get a good job and be immune from being fired.

Anonymous said...

If anybody is reading this blog from outside TYC, You all need to look in McFadden Ranch really closely.We are losing staff left and right through bad administration.We need a new superintendent fast! So if any other facility wants Cooke, please come and get her! I have worked for TYC for quite a few years and I have never seen such poor management!

Anonymous said...

Why is it that every time I read ANYTHING about McFadden Ranch, a whiner shows up. Then a never ending squabbling session ensues that sounds like a couple of immature high school kids who both think they must have the last words that cut the deepest. Is it just me, or has anyone else out there noticed? I'm here to tell anon 10:47 and the people who argue with him/her that these are my last words...STOP ARGUING ON GRITS FOR BREAKFAST!!!! GO HAVE A CHAT FIGHT SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!! Here's an an old adage for all of you:

Never argue with a fool...someone listening may not be able to tell the difference.

Fed Up w/ McFadden whiners

Anonymous said...

7:35 am - I thought that was against the law? But wait, if you're from TDCJ you can get away with it or it must not be a Class B misdemeanor.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I will bite, Who is buying clothing on a state credit card and for whom is the clothing for? This one seems very far fetched but I believe it could happen cause anything can happen in TYC.

3:59 yes it gets old, but I guess if your not working in the conditions they seem to be it does not seem that important or it does not affect you. I do not work there, honestly I do not but I work in a hell everyday at the unit I am in and let me tell you venting and letting go is the only way we can survive the daily treatment. It is a hostile work enviroment and that is all I am going to say at this point.
So if they need to vent,and it bothers you, skip those blogs and read another message that is posted. I am not trying to be mean or ugly about this to you. Just my feelings on the subject.

Anonymous said...

3:59 This is a public forum and quite a few facilities have been slammed on here.Why are you so sensitive about McFadden, may I ask? It would seem to me, as an outsider, all of the chaos that is alleged to be going on there really should be investigated. From what has been happening with TYC, normally where there is smoke there is fire. When one employee complains, I could say whining would probably be a fair assumption. But several complain on here from what I view, that really does warrant some looking into i would think.

Anonymous said...

I think Anon 3:59 said it eloquently enough. Cat fighting, name-calling and other such ad hominem attacks back and forth from McFadden folks on every TYC blog gets a little tiresome. Create your own blog and argue back and forth to your hearts' content.

Anonymous said...

I will tell you why the folks from McFadden always come and complain, because they call the hotline, they file grievances, and nothing gets done. The administration continues to get away with crap because the administrator of halfway houses covers for her. Frustration is what this is. Look at the lady from Tamayo House. Look at the program now, no supt, no assistant, and the program is going downhill. It use to be one of the strongest in the state, youth did well, staff were happy, but Lashbrook did not like the administrator so she was doomed. Tamayo House had a strong program, no physical restraints, little or no escapes, lowest turnover of staff, little if any overtime, and look at it now. Staff there are so unhappy and so are the kids. You take a couple of staff who don't want to be held accountable, a administrator of halfway houses who is totally unreasonable, and loves to make staff miserable, and they have been able to take a program that was all about the kids and destroy it. Ms. Pope, Will Harrell, call some of the floor staff, call some of the kids who were there, see what you hear. Look at the numbers, Tamayo House ran a program that describes exactly what you said we should be about in your state of the agency meetings. Ask Tim Savoy, Edna Tamayo what kind of program it was. What a shame if TYC loses that superintendent, I know, I work for her and we miss her. Our program was centered around the younger kids, please, someone out there help us JCO staff, please give us back our leader.

So yes, we do some complaining, but know it is because we feel like no one is listening to us, so we reach out to these blogs in hopes of maybe someone will listen. Ms. Pope, Mr. Harrell, won't one of you or both come down and talk to us, look at where we were before she was suspended and how we felt about our work and the conditions now? Please, someone?

Anonymous said...

Thank you 10:49.

Venting is one thing, but arguing like a couple of kids isn't something everyone wants to read. It's just plain rude.

Anonymous said...

again 11:43, you have the choice not to read or respond to those posts you don't want to. If you don't have anything productive to say about the complaints of McFadden or any other facility for that matter,ignore it.I think its so sad that those employees have to come on here and vent. They should have a system in place at their facility, but obviously they don't. Everybody has different views and opinions, that is what America is all about.Freedom of speech.Think of it this way, if they were being treated with respect and admiration, how many would be here complaining? not one!

Anonymous said...

Karen Lashbrook needs to be fired!!! She keeps the awful ones and lets the good ones go! Help us somebody! After she is removed and her favorites don't have anybody covering up for them, you will see how corrupt she really is

Anonymous said...

To anon 11:43 & 11:59
Karen Lashbrook is a very mean and vindictive person. She lies straight to your face and then stabs you in the back. She had Paula Morelock covering for her, now it is Elizabeth Lee, what a set up. They go everywhere together, are best friends, and everyone in the San Antonio District Office knows it. We thought institutions needed help, well they need to look at Ms. Lashbrook's people. You can tell who she likes and who she does not like. I use to work for TYC and I can tell you she is rude, arrogant and has not people skills. How many lawsuits is it going to take for TYC to open their eyes. All Ms. Lashbrook, how do you sleep at night anyway? I have never seen anyone that takes so much pleasue from degrading and trying to destroy good employees and their lifes. Remember, what goes around comes around, and your time will come.

Anonymous said...

12:21 I could not agree more. Lashbrook is a master manipulator and until she is removed from her position,she will continue her wrath.

Anonymous said...

I bet that Crockett will get a lot more TDCJ transplants in addition to Foxworth-Gibbs since it is so close to Huntsville. That way they won't have too far to drive. It wouldn't surprise me if they bring in some folks to replace the current middle management team such as PA's, Principal, etc.

Anonymous said...

Looks like that bet will pay off nicely. There are job vacancies posted for Principal, Director of Security, and P.A. at Crockett. Did they clean house recently at Crockett just like they did at Beaumont?

Anonymous said...

Re Crockett: The Dir of Security gave notice 6 weeks ago, one of the PAs was hired as an associate psychologist, and the Principal accepted a job closer to her aging parents. Nothing sinister about these ones at least.

Anonymous said...

I should have added to my previous post - stay tuned though. There are a lot of people in Crockett who are looking for new jobs right now. Some have had interviews already.

Anonymous said...

Things that suck:
*idiot people at mcfadden ranch
*non-idiot people at mcfadden ranch
*gossipers at mcfadden ranch
*non-gossipers at mcfadden ranch
*mcfadden ranch bloggers
*mcfadden ranch "I only read the blogs" people
*"I'll blame previous & current employees for the blogs, morale and overall discontent" because it's not me mcfadden rancher
*mcfadden "policy doesn't apply to me" ranch people
...ok, now print this out, gather around in your little clicks and gossip to contemplate who wrote this one
...or better yet, GO TO WORK!

Anonymous said...

Other things that suck:

Perpetual whining about McFadden Ranch

Anonymous said...


You missed some stuff on your things that suck blog:

*people that think its okay to molest McFadden Ranch kids
*people that have criminal records working with kids and pretending they are the best staff
*people who cover-up for these people on a daily basis
* people who have nothing better to do in life besides attacking good people who do the right things.
* TYC- the whole agency

Anonymous said...

10:58....why haven't YOU called the Texas Rangers? It worked at West Texas.

Anonymous said...

Why in the hell do you post the same message on every blog ripping McFadden.. We get it. You love Mcfadden, They hate it. point made. Personally, I think somebody should remove all you nut-jobs out of there, These messed up kids don't need messed up people watching them and from what I have read there is way too much "physical" stuff going on there. Somebody should call somebody and while they are at it, maybe throw some psych exams in there!

Anonymous said...

Come on now. We all know Hetrick and White have no life. They both enjoy fighting with people and pretending they are right. They get no respect in real life cause neither one of them are real men! Real men don't hide behind no anonymous "blog" entries.Don't be coming to everybody at the ranch either and saying "dude, I only read the blogs, never write them" you are full of shit!

Anonymous said...

11:14...I am not ripping anyone. I made a sincere suggestion. Maybe I will call them, God knows someone needs to. And no, I don't love McFadden. Sounds like a really scary place to me. Perhaps you need the psyche exam to explore your hostility toward other bloggers? My suggestion had no ill intent. That came out of your head.

Anonymous said...

as for the film, beware the pimply faced girl! she smiles she lies. Remember that old song from the 70's?, Smilien faces.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Anita Albarado ..Your son deserves to rot in prison for what he did to my cousin!! Your son wasn't innocent or scared of a older man.. In fact your son was a drug dealer affiliated with the gang Brown Pride! Your son is the one that shot my cousin with a riffle! I watched my cousin die at the hospital because of your son! & there weren't 3 cars full of men! There was one car with 3 men. My cousin & his two "friends". They said your son & his friends broke onto there car & stole things so they were going to get what was there's! My cousin was just at the wrong place at the wrong time! Now because of your son my cousin is 6 feet underground & my tia suffers every day cause he was her only son & the youngest of her two children! I hope your son has to do all 30 years! Its what he deserves! At least your son is still alive! Practice what you preach woman! Trying to get sympathy for what you know was wrong of your low life son was found guilty for!!