Monday, July 09, 2007

Baptist Standard: Jesus would back amnesty for immigrants

Here's a hopeful sign of shifting public opinion on the immigration front: In The Baptist Standard, the Texas Baptist news journal, an editorial by Marv Knox urges Christians to consider what Jesus Christ's position would be on "amnesty" for illegal immigrants:
What to do with up to 14 million undocumented workers? While “amnesty” was treated like a four-letter word in the political debate ... I’m convinced Jesus would find a way to document the workers and make them safe and productive residents. Study the Scriptures. Jesus wasn’t soft on sin, but he wasn’t all about punishment, either. He focused his gifts—and his divine imagination—on redemption. Time after time, he told sinners, “Go, and sin no more.” Jesus emphasized second chances, fresh starts, better tomorrows.

When it comes to immigration, Lord knows we need a better tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

While a better solution to what currently exists is definitely needed, Mr. Knox is putting the cart before the horse. Respect for authority (laws of the land) trumps. Those who refuse to obey the laws of the land, are refusing to obey God (Romans 13:2). Let's change the law, then address "forgiveness" for breaking it.

Anonymous said...

Why can't something that is illegal now be made legal.

If someone can get here and over time; show that they're a hardworking productive addition to our society, make them eligible for citizenship!

As for enforcing immigration laws, just do it, it helps stop the flow of drugs and terrorists.

Anonymous said...

WWJD: Who Would Jesus Deport?

Anonymous said...

Bravo! It's high time we who call ourselves followers of Christ started acting a little more Christ-like. According to Jesus, the Law of Love trumps all, e.g. the two great Commandments: Love God with all your being, and the second is like the first: Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Anonymous said...

I knew it was bound to happen! Someone just had to bring Jesus Christ into the immigration discussion and ask “What would Jesus do”? Next comes the two Commandments of Christ; Love God and Love one another as you love yourself.

In the past I have wondered if allowing millions of illegal aliens residency was financially possible. If I do in fact believe God is in control then it is up to Him to provide whatever is needed. It all boils down to a question of faith!

“Let the little children come to me”. Severe consequences await those hinder a child. Does this play into the equation? I fear it does.

As a graduate of a fine Southern Baptist Institution of Higher Learning with one of my degrees in Religion and Theology I must confess my heart and mind were focused on the wrong question in the immigration matter. Thank you Lord for sending your poor blind servant further light to find his way. Amen….

Right Reverend

Gritsforbreakfast said...

“Let the little children come to me”.

Rev, I think about that line every time I hear somebody complain about paying for immigrant kids in public schools. WWJD indeed!