Sunday, July 01, 2007

Tent City, Here I Come

Via Kathleen at Texas Prison Bidness, say "Howdy" to a new blog from South Texas, Tent City, which focuses on the conditions and politics of the immigrant family detention center in hot, dreary Raymondville. (See prior Grits coverage.) The blog was launched by an activist from Pax Christi, a Catholic peace organization, after 75 people from all over South Texas came to protest the Raymondville facility last month.
Kathleen also had a good post on who's lobbying for private prisons in Texas. Take a look.


Anonymous said...

It costs taxes to imprision these ikllegal aliens, deport them at their expense. Texans owe them nothing. And before you yell "Raciest" at me my Mexican American Spouse of 51 years asked me to send this.

Unknown said...

My name is Sarah and I am sophomore in high school who is currently working on a documentary about the process of seeking asylum. I was wondering if it were possible to have permission to use this picture in my documentary.
Thank you,