Saturday, July 28, 2007

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Lots of good stuff in the blogosphere and elsewhere online today; let's make the rounds. See:

Ritmo: Filling the jail cells American's can't, a piece about the immigrant detention facility in Raymondville dubbed "Ritmo" by the locals, from The Mex Files. Meanwhile in El Paso another immigration/customs agent was arrested on drug charges this week.

Sorry Judge, I was sleeptalking, Galveston District Judge Susan Criss was more lenient than I would have been (on the blog, anyway) with a lawyer who admitted sleeping in her court.

CERT to the rescue, at The Back Gate we get an extended look at Correctional Emergency Response Teams in prisons and jails, including some dramatic, SWAT-like pics.

Austin & High Crime Neighborhoods, at the Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer Jamie Spencer suggests how attorneys could use public crime databases to challenge officers' assertions that part of their reason for reasonable suspicion to perform stops or searches was that they were in a "high-crime" area. "It’s almost a joke among defense lawyers that some cops are willing to testify that any area of Austin is 'high crime,'” he writes.

Friends of Justice is moving!, along with two of its founding members Rev. Alan and Nancy Bean to Arlington. Friends of Justice was a group founded in Tulia by families and supporters of those wrongly accused by Officer Tom Coleman who was later convicted of perjury. Good luck, folks!

More Legal First Aid, wherein Houston criminal defense lawyer Mark Bennett has created DWI, Search Warrant, and Arrest editions of "Legal First Aid" advice about what defendants should do in these cases until they get a chance to hire a lawyer.

Flashpoint: Jail Population, the SA Express News' Hearsay blogs says the fingerpointing continues regarding jail overcrowding in San Antonio.

Jam packed jails create state woes, wherein the Houston Chronicle catches on that Texas hasn't just run out of state and local prison beds, but all the private facilities are full, too.

Ability to detect lies a function of police interview styles, says the Deception Blog, citing evidence that information gathering approaches facilitate lie detection better than "accusatory" interview styles.

New Lineup Rules Pass in NC, from the Eyewitness Identification Reform Blog we discover that North Carolina has required police to adhere to best practices in police lineups. When will Texas?

Knowing when to keep the lid on, Lawsagna has good advice that applies to two of my favorite topics: cooking and research. I'm also looking forward to reading more about Anastasia's planned research on persuasion.

Prison rehab at work, Simple Justice has news for those worried that inmates aren't learning usable skills in prison.

A motion to change the facts, from Mark Bennett, because sometimes that's all you've got.

Happy Fourth Birthday to Drug War Rant - that pretty much makes Pete a granddaddy in blog years.


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Thanks! You're right, it's practically an eternity in blog terms. I'm feeling a little old, but think I've still got a few years left in me.

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you missed a story on the web, check out the Chron's story about this Pasadena