Sunday, September 02, 2007

Our kooks are kookier than their kooks: Iran sounds more reasonable than Williamson County DA on drug policy

Robert Guest at I Was the State examines statements from Williamson County District Attorney John Bradley and the head of the Iranian national drug control agency Ali Hashemi on the issue of needle exchange. DA Bradley opposes a pilot program approved by the Texas Legislature in San Antonio.

Characterizing those who would overlook drug use to improve health outcomes, Bradley concludes that "some anti-abortionists have attempted to use that defense when trespassing on clinics or even when shooting doctors. What is the distinction?" he asked. Hmmm, for starters, that shooting people is against the law, and the Texas Legislature legalized a pilot needle exchange program in Bexar County?

Read the quotes and tell me who sounds more like a fundamentalist zealot?

It's worth mentioning that, though she's been less vocal and boisterous than John Bradley about her reasons, Bexar DA Susan Reed opposed her county's needle exchange pilot going forward, threatening to prosecute participants despite legislative approval. The county commissioners court called her bluff, though, and the program is set to begin in the new year.

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JT Barrie said...

To make a point for Bexar County: Iran has drug prohibition - despite the total lack of scriptural backing for such prohibition. No where in any scripture is using drugs sinful. Lying about drugs is sinful[take that DEA and DARE] and so is chronic abuse and severe addiction but use is not. So maybe some strict Islamists are responsible for that wrinkle. Our country does not make religious laws and drug laws are not widely supported by churches - at least not openly in any forums with drug war critics.