Monday, September 24, 2007

No money to fix jail, but Dallas Sheriff says she can afford new SWAT team

If Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez can't afford to hire or train enough guards or provide adequate medical care at the jail, how does she have money to finance her own shiny new SWAT team? Trey Garrison summed up my thoughts on the matter at Front Burner:
Great. Just what Dallas County needs. Another SWAT team. And how will they fund it? Through the magic of asset forfeiture. Just swell. The Dallas County Sheriff's Department can't run a jail — heck, apparently, they can't figure out how to transfer a vehicle title over the course of four years — but they want deputies to gear up and play soldier. What could possibly go wrong?
Personally, I think she's just jealous and wants her own TV show. The Sheriff doesn't need her own SWAT team. There's too big a risk it'd be as poorly managed as the Dallas jail crisis (which she inherited, but has not fixed). Sheriff Valdez needs to focus on performing the job she's already got in front of her a little better before seeking out new, high-risk tasks to screw up.


Anonymous said...

'Asset forfeiture'? Is that what they're calling it today? In the old days it was 'armed robbery'. That has a better ring to it.

There is no due process of law if the cops frame somebody just so they can rob him of his assets.

Anonymous said...

Dallas police officers like all other cops are nothing more than strong armed thugs, that are employed by the government.

It's getting obvious that Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez isn't going to be a very good at managing her job. Anyone can put a badge on and pretend to be a cop, let's see some better management.

Anonymous said...

Grits readers, like all other blog readers, are nothing more than dope smoking hippie liberals who aren't employed by anyone. Of course, I could be overly generalizing.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Naw, 7:00 - you've pretty much nailed my target demographic! ;)


I agree with you the 2:17 comment was WAY over the top - free speech sucks that way, sometimes. "Free" speech can mean "liberated" speech, or in other cases it can mean "not worth anything."

Anonymous said...

@7pm ~ show me your name and I'll show you my employment contract.

Unknown said...

It is exactly akin to the homeowner who has more than enough money for a massive entertainment system - while totally ignoring massive leaks in the roof. And let's face it: for police the SWAT team is an adrenaline high that beats any Meth induced euphoria.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what's wrong with the SWAT team the Dallas police has ? Anybody ever watch Dallas SWAT on TV ? There are those "macho" officers armed to the teeth in suped-up HUM-Vs, rolling through Dallas towards the southern part of town where they mow down suspected crack houses and more often than not ,it's the wrong house, oops ! I wonder who pays for the damage ? If Lupe gets her own SWAT team they can do a TV show and that will pay for it, huh ? Love those "reality shows".

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 7 pm.

"Grits readers, like all other blog readers, are nothing more than dope smoking hippie liberals who aren't employed by anyone."

Aren't you one of Grits' readers?

Calling people the most currently insulting names you can think of doesn't make you appear to be more any more intelligent than any other loud mouthed bully in existence.

Hateful and ignorant name calling stances don't indicate to me that you have the ability to actually think. They're an excellent indication that you don't.

This country and all that is, and is supposed to be, seems to be swarming with hate filled, name calling bullies these days...and they are hurting everyone, including themselves.

A society of bullies? Is that what we've become?

Your inhumanity, cruelty, and ignorance are showing. Vividly.

But you knew that, didn't you?

That's what bullies do. They intimidate and insult and push others around to get their way.

Hateful bullies are an obstacle, if not the obstacle, to a more civilized civilization.

Anonymous said...

Asset forfeiture, instituted highway robbery, has prostituted our law enforcement. "Get out there and get some money."

Militarized SWAT teams are a terroristic threat aimed at every citizen, criminal or not.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how someone can post a comment to point out the absurdity of another comment by, in fact being absurd, then be turned on by folks who have no sense of humor or the ability to decipher sarcasm. To all of you who were offended, I am sorry... you didn't get it. Love, the 7:00 p.m. Anonymous.