Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Austin conference will focus on specialty courts and evidence based sentences

For those wanting to learn more about changes to Texas' probation laws in the 2007 80th Legislature, the Judicial Advisory Council will host a statewide "Sentencing Conference" in Austin Oct. 31-Nov. 2. See a handbill promoting the event.

The conference, which is aimed at "judges, prosecutors, and community supervision leaders" (though I suspect defense counsel may would benefit), will feature intensive sessions on the 31st regarding "components and utilization of specialty courts," while the rest of the conference will focus on "evidence-based discretionary sentences in a court environment."

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Anonymous said...

Probation departments will LOSE funding if a Sex Offender is revoked for the "technical violation" of lurking around a child care center, playgrounds or theme parks, or those who don't/won't attend court ordered counseling. If you think this is for the safety of the community, you are sadly mistaken! The overseer and purse string holder is CJAD in Austin, and they are making another big mistake. Their funding formula only seems to take into account what they can do to stop prison overcrowding "NO MATTER WHAT". I'm all for sanctions, but their are certain criminal elements that don't deserve SPECIAL treatment. KG