Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday Roundup

Before I head off to an appointment, here are a few news items that may interest Grits readers:

Improve Snitching Standards: The Austin-based Justice Project has published a new policy brief on improving standards for admissibility of jailhouse snitch testimony. RELATED: Jamie Spencer at the Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer found some telling quotes about snitching from the infamous ex-LAPD dop Mark Fuhrman who was convicted of perjury for his role in the O.J. Simpson murder case. Like Atlanta rapper Killer Mike, Fuhrman clearly understands that "Snitch" isn't a synonym for "Witness." It's a shame more people don't get that distinction.

Jewish High Holy Days Celebrated at Stringfellow Unit: "While religious books are being purged from federal prison libraries, a Texas state prison hosted a prayer service, complete with two Chabad rabbis and a Torah scroll on Rosh Hashannah. ... Kosher food and pastoral care are part of life in the Jewish unit. They gather for services and Rabbi Goldstein’s weekly Torah class, based on Chabad’s Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) curriculum. Volunteers from Houston make the 45 minutes to Rosharon to give the inmates Challah before Shabbat."

Sad End to a Long Career: A former Granbury police chief has been arrested for stealing drugs from the county evidence locker.

Welcome to the Blogosphere! A new blog has been launched focusing entirely on the family immigration detention center in Williamson County.

The Next SCOTUS Term: Doc Berman points to a great piece by Tom Goldstein previewing the next term of the US Supreme Court.

Restorative Justice: The SA Express News published a good column recently on the role of victims and offenders in restorative justice programs.

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