Saturday, September 22, 2007

Uh ... Yuck! ... Cop becomes prostitutes' pusher, y mas?

Via Drug War Chronicle:
In Galveston, Texas, a Port of Galveston police officer was arrested September 12 for financing the drug habits of prostitutes and driving them to crack houses to score. Officer James Roland Chapman, 53, now faces three prostitution counts. He faces up to two years in jail and the loss of his peace officer's license if convicted.
I've heard before that many prostitutes and escort services stay in business mainly by acting as informants for the police. I wonder if these alleged ladies of the evening were Chapman's snitches before he allegedly became their pusher?


Anonymous said...

Have him forward his resume to the LAPD. He's their kind of boy.

Unknown said...

He must have had quite a stable - if he couldn't furnish their drug addictions by filching seized drugs from other addicts who dealt to bankroll their addictions. I must also assume that these crack houses were also protected as he couldn't have kept his prostitutes' identity as informants secret if he busted their suppliers. How much of the drug trade is protected in order to prosecute other portions of this trade?