Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bexar Loses Jail Chief

The administrator of the Bexar County jail, Chief Deputy Dennis McKnight resigned this week in the wake of internal changes under the new Sheriff, reports the Express News.

In this writer's opinion, McKnight was probably the most innovative jail chief in the state, so this will be a major loss for Bexar County, which struggles daily with overincarceration problems. He was among the first to propose an idea to reduce overcrowding (in a guest column on Grits) that wound up passing as new 2007 Texas legislation giving police officers discretion to give citations for some B misdemeanors. McKnight may run for Sheriff himself, said the Express News. He'd be a good'un.


Anonymous said...

This is very sad and frustrating. Mr. McKnight is an honorable man was wasn't afraid to stand up for what is right and smart--even if unconventional. Other counties would be well advised to snatch this tallented individual up and have him address their overcrouding issues. Dallas, are you reading?

Anonymous said...

I would've bet that McKnight was going to get appointed. That's too bad, and even worse that he's resigned. Not only was he innovative, but he was a straight talker and pretty darn good about being transparent. I just wish we'd had a chance to go to the lesbian sports bar.