Monday, September 03, 2007

Prison workers largest category of state employees

On Labor Day this blog should pause to publicly appreciate all those who work in law enforcement and corrections fields, especially those who frequent this blog. The Austin Statesman today reports that state government remains the largest employer in Texas, and that prison workers are the largest single category of state workers:

What do most people do? Prison workers (Texas has one of the biggest prison systems in the world) and social service workers make up more than a third of the state work force.

  • Criminal justice 33,330
  • Social services 26,251
  • Administrative support 17,417
  • Program management 14,476
  • Engineering and design 9,254
  • Accounting, auditing and finance 5073
  • Medical and health 5,006
  • Law enforcement 4,364
  • Maintenance 3694
  • Legal 2,715
Happy Labor Day, everybody.


Anonymous said...

I hate to say this, but this is really embarrassing. To think that our prison system has grown so much.

It was once small an efficient, now it is large, inefficient and has a huge recidivism rate.

Thank you Bill Clements.

JT Barrie said...

After all the exposing of our infrastructure, it seems awry that we have three times as many people involved in locking them up than in fixing them up.

Anonymous said...


Did you get my email?