Sunday, July 01, 2007

Make the Connection: Phones installed in Texas prisons by September 2008

Just because legislation isn't controversial doesn't mean it's not important, and here's a good example:

The Austin Statesman today reports on legislation approved this year requiring the installation of telephones in Texas prisons for inmate use ("After years of resistance, Texas prisons answer call for inmate phones," July 1). The general attitude of reporter Mike Ward's report can be summed up with this comment from a prison ministry worker in Houston: "It feels weird for Texas to be approving this, but it's happened." Governor Perry allowed SB 1580 to become law on May 15, though he'd previously opposed the idea. The bill requires TDCJ to install more than 5,000 phones in more than 100 facilities, at least one for every 30 inmates. The new system will be up and running by September 2008. See prior Grits discussions of the issue:

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