Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"DNA Blues Ball" in Dallas Raises Money to Identify, Exonerate Innocent People in Prison

Since Kathy will be out of town over the holiday, I'm thinking I'll head up to Dallas Saturday night to attend the 2007 DNA Blues Ball, a benefit for the Innocence Project of Texas described thusly:
The Innocence Project of Texas invites you to attend the 2007 DNA Blues Ball, an evening of music and enlightenment to benefit the wrongfully convicted.

Since 2001, 13 men have been exonerated in Dallas County after DNA testing conclusively proved their innocence. The proceeds of DNA Blues Ball ticket and merchandise sales will directly support the efforts of the Innocence Project of Texas in our mission to seek justice for those who have lost their freedom at the hands of wrongful convictions.
It looks like a great musical lineup. And you probably won't find that many DNA-exonerated men in the same room in many other settings; that alone deserves commemoration. Consider attending if you're in the Dallas area or donate online as part of their Justice Delayed fundraising campaign.

Chief Counsel for the Innocence Project of Texas is a long-time friend of the blog and crackerjack Amarillo-based attorney, Jeff Blackburn, who also was the lead barrister representing the ultimately freed and pardoned clients in the notorious "Tulia" drug stings.


Anonymous said...

Are you saying that you will be experiencing blue balls this weekend? Isn't that considered painful?

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Well, it's true my wife will be out of town, but if you think that's painful, imagine the same condition lasting 18 years or so in prison waiting until they figured out you were wrongfully convicted!

Anonymous said...

good point. I guess blue balls is good thing this weekend. will donate to the worthy cause.

Anonymous said...

Gits do you need some money to go to Dallas.


Gritsforbreakfast said...

Thanks, Joe, I appreciate it. Normally I don't say "no" when offered donations, and if you truly feel moved, the Pay Pal button is always in the righthand sidebar.

But in this instance I'm hoping to have somebody go with to split costs, and since the cause is pretty important, in the context of this post I'd suggest you donate to the Innocence Project of Texas. I'll probably have one more "blog beg" before the end of the year, but the Dallas event is a benefit and I'm really just going up to support the good work Jeff Blackburn and Co. are doing in Dallas. best,

Anonymous said...

Hello Grits, as someone working on the DNA Blues Ball, I can tell that the Gen Admission tickets mean that to get really good seats you might need to be there as near the time the doors open at 7pm. The show is scheduled to talk at 8. The Dallas D.A. is going to speak, and some of the men freed with the help of DNA testing will also be there introducing acts, as well as sharing a little of their stories.