Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Say 'Howdy' to Deliberate Indifference; Catonya defines a 'snitch'

Say 'Howdy' to Deliberate Indifference at the Dallas County Jail, a new blog whose name is taken from an allegation in a federal lawsuit about the jail's attitude toward providing inmates adequate healthcare. Things are just getting started at DI, but initial posts look promising, including an item on inmate phone service, an annoying incorrect address for prisoner mail in official literature that got her letters returned, and a comment about what the feds are mad about at the Dallas Jail.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Deliberate!

Meanwhile, one of my Texas blogospheric favorites, Catonya, supplies a "retired outlaw's" definition of snitching, siding with those who distinguish uninvolved witnesses from a snitch or a rat exchanging testimony for leniency:
My definition of a “snitch” (aka CI, confidential informant, rat) is someone who gets caught breaking the law, then sacrifices someone else to avoid accountability for their own crime(s). They’re at the bottom of the outlaw food chain, have no loyalty to anyone, they will do anything to get out of trouble, and are usually the most strung out/guilty of their acquaintances. Yet this is who the courts promote as credible witnesses…

For me, the lines were always very clear.
You do your own time -period.

If you snitch and street justice catches up with you. I know nothing. sucks to be you…

If you abuse a child, the elderly, or an animal - I will call the appropriate agency and report your ass so fast it’ll make your head spin.

If you implicate or snitch on me or my partner (husband, significant other), - all bets between you and I are off.

Uninvolved witnesses and innocent bystanders are not snitches. Don’t blame them because your dumb ass wasn’t paying attention to your surroundings.
’nuff said?
I think that pretty much covers it, Cat, thanks! (And BTW: congratulations of recently getting off your absurdly long probation stint. Good job all around; keep up the good work on the blog and all else you do. It's funny, you and I have never met face to face, but I'm awfully proud of you!)

I love the blogosphere. There's a lot of schlock out there, but it's also really cool when people who have stories to tell just hop on the web and tell them. These two blogs are great examples of that.


Anonymous said...

Seems like I'm not alone.

Catonya said...

Thank for the congrats!
...proud - thank you. You've been a mentor to me since way back there when I found your web site on police accountability. I wouldn't have accomplished half of what I did on the pursuit without ya.