Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"After Care" Key to Overcoming Addiction, Say Winners Circle Conference-goers

New treatment beds for addicts aren't enough, say members of "Winners' Circle," a non-denominational religious ex-offenders' self-help group based in Houston, without additional help with re-entry when they leave confinement. In the clip below, ex-offenders at a recent Winners Circle conference talk about the need for expanded treatment beds and especially expanded "after care" services. Take a look at the short video, posted by Texas Criminal Justice Coalition:

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Anonymous said...

Scott: I have received statements similar to these from many offenders/clients who completed the program. I was a Treatment Warden heavily involved when the SAFPFs/TC's were initiated by then Gov Richards (RIP). Our biggest fear was that funding would not allow for TTC's in the smaller communities.

I cannot count the large number of repeat offenders that told me for the first time they believed they had the "tools" to make it on the outside.
Of course the "cuts" started before some of the units were opened.

The TC treatment application was the best program I ever witnessed in my 42 years in the Criminal Justice System; I still feel I failed the system when I coudn't ovecome the politics in Austin and Huntsville, to keep the programs in their original form.

Retired 2004