Friday, November 30, 2007

Nominate Texas worst jail "hellhole"

Here are a few disparate items that deserve Grits readers attention:

"Hellhole" nominations
The Texas Jail Project is seeking nominations for which county jail deserves the appellation "worst hellhole" in Texas. Let 'em know which county jail you think is worst. (My guess: Dallas will be hard to beat.)

Drug court trend expanding across Texas
The Texas Observer has a feature interviewing drug court judges in Travis, Dallas, Nueces and Montgomery Counties.

TYC pepper spray policy temporarily changed
At least until next week when a new policy comes before a public hearing on Monday, the Texas Youth Commission has agreed to a temporary new pepper spray policy. See Grits testimony submitted for Monday's hearing, and a just-published public policy report from the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition.

Re-entry group expands scope
See a nice profile of re-entry work by the Dallas-based Mothers (and Fathers) for Advancement of Social Services, and their recent expasion to Fort Worth.

New duds
Texas prison guards will get a new uniform.

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