Friday, November 02, 2007

From the Blogs

Here are a few items from around the blogosphere that deserve Grits readers attention:

The Drumbeat of Innocence
Charles Kuffner on Preventing Wrongful Convictions and Exonerating the Innocent, pointing to a liveblog of an event held by the Drum Major Institute.

The Ethics of Representing a Snitch
Attorneys Mark Bennett and Norm Pattis stake out opposing views, with Scott Greenfield leaning Mark's way while straddling the fence. Gideon's contributions on the subject can be found here, here and here. I'd love to hear more criminal defense attorneys views' on this.

Harris Executions on Hold
Kuff also comments on the Harris DA's sensible decision not to seek to have new execution dates set until the US Supreme Court decides the constitutionality of lethal injection protocols used in Texas and most other states.

When you really start to appreciate that lifetime appointment
See Tom Kirkendall on Galveston US District Judge Sam Kent's reassignment to Houston in the face of allegations of sexual harassment.

TDEX heads to DPS
The Texas Observer blog reports that the Governor's political appointees advising him on homeland security have relinquished control to the Department of Public Safety of the secret TDEX database containing data on millions of average Texans.

Houston PD should implement lineup reforms
The Eyewitness ID blog suggests the City of Houston must be getting tired of making apologies to innocent people and should implement changes to how police perform "lineups" to prevent future wrongful convictions.

Williamson County still in immigrant family detention business
Williamson County will NOT shut down the immigrant detention center it rents to a private prison company in Hutto, reports Texas Prison Bidness. The blog also laments the ongoing lack of mental health treatment for many inmates housed in private prisons.

Lie to me, baby
From the Deception Blog: When do good people think it's okay to lie?, and Examining features of truthful and fabricated reports of traumatic experiences.

More questionable forensic science
Forensic evidence disputed: CrimProf blog brings word that the reliability of gunshot residue testing has been called into question in a Virginia case.

Mexican anti-drug program would reward bad results
Corporate mercenary Dyncorp's anti-drug operation in Afghanistan "absolutely has" worsened security for Australian troops working in the area, we learn at Drug War Rant. So why would we want them to do the same work in Mexico? Just asking.


Anonymous said...

The snitching discussion has been going on for some time now. My contributions can be found here, here and here.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Thanks! Added.

Anonymous said...

I don't know that there is any fence to straddle on this one. Ultimately, you either do it or not. As we discussed here long ago, part of the issue is how one defines snitching. My definition is a defendant who has committed a crime snitching on another person to work off his sentence, as opposed to an innocent person who talks.

I have no problem representing an innocent people, whether accused or witness, who wants to cooperate. It's the guilty people who want to rat that present the issue.