Monday, November 05, 2007

Feds should check names of steroid customers with state law enforcement registries

ABC News reports that the DEA has busted alleged criminal steroid distribution rings from which they've identified 30,000 to 40,000 individual customers through credit card information and receipts.

I think the very first thing they should do is run those names through all 50 state licensing agencies for law enforcement officers, plus any federal peace officer databases, to see who pops up. I betcha it wouldn't be a de minimis percentage.


Anonymous said...


Next time you need the Police don't bother calling.You also need to do more research on a Police officers job.The DA office and the Police go hand and hand.I'll make it short.Police make a Felony arrest(coke),police call's the DA office (open 24hrs for Police).The DA's office accept's the charges or he does not.Point I'm making the Police can not put you in jail because he wants to.The reports are on computer and will ask for the DA's name.No name - no report-no jail.So stop bashing the Police until you know there job.Not everyone has the guts to do what they do.I know there's good and bad in all of us.Nobody is perfect.

Mark M.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

What in heavens name does any of that have to do with steroid abuse among police officers?

Anonymous said...

Y are you worried about the police.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Read the links I've provided. We've been 'round this quite a bit, now.

Anonymous said...

There you go again, don't you realize there are very few Public Servants left at any level. Today many are self pro-claimed masters and overlords, ABOVE the accountability, scrutiny and laws pasted for us commoner‘s!

Next thing you know you'll be asking for " all supposed Public Servants at EVERY Level " to lead by example, and to be expected to be held to the same standards and laws we common people are, it is quit evident you don‘t know YOUR PLACE, the self pro-claimed masters and overlords will not be happy!:) JOB WELL DONE!

There Has To Be A Better Way!

Rusty White

Anonymous said...

Mark M.

What country do you live in? There are people wrongfully put in jail EVERYDAY in this state and country??? Because a Brother demands accountability you believe he should be denied tax funded protection from " HIS " public servants?

So those who carry a badge are above questioning and scrutiny and the very Laws they have sworn to uphold? And if a tax payer questions them, they should punish him by not doing their sworn duty?? Having been one who carried a badge for 7 years, and respected the PRIVALGE to serve, I'll have to disagree with you!

Those that feel they are above answering to and being questioned by the very tax payers who GRANT them their " Privilege " of powers and position, SHOULD GIVE UP THEIR BADGES!

There is NO doubt that many in the public do not understand the world our Brother and Sisters in Law Enforcement go through. (I'll guarantee you Scott is not one of them!!) "" BUT "" that is " NO EXCUSE " to violate ones oath, honor nor the powers the PUBLIC GRANTED THEM! Those that have lost sight of the fact they are PUBLIC SERVANTS “ FIRST “, should not have the Privilege of the powers GRANTED BY THE PUBLIC nor the right to carry a badge! IMHO!


Anonymous said...

The first and third comments are perfect examples of the very thing we should all be very concerned about in those we have chosen "To Protect and Serve".

Are they, themselves, examples of steroid rage showing it's ugly head? Makes me wonder.

If it's not steroids that brought out their rage...what is it?

Rage is about lack of self control. Rage is bad... in a law enforcement's worse than bad.

Those comments express rage that police be subjected to extra scrutiny. Police have extra powers so they must have extra scrutiny.

Why isn't that obvious to them?

Anonymous at 9:20 pm.

Y are you worried about extra scrutiny?