Thursday, November 22, 2007

No holiday for TYC news: Should confession be a condition of release for youth who plead "not guilty" and lost at trial?

With Kathy out of town, I'm leaving in just a bit with my former ACLUTX boss and current Texas Youth Commission Ombudsman to spend Thanksgiving with the kids and staff at the TYC unit in Giddings. (Thanks to TYC PR man Tim Savoy for hooking me up with a media pass.)

On the subject of TYC, Holly Becka has a great article in this morning's Dallas News ("Confession a condition of release from TYC facilities") about the policy of requiring a confession from youth of the crime for which they were sentenced as a condition of release. Her lede describes the case of a:
McKinney youth [who] insists he's innocent of the attempted rape charge that landed him in TYC, and his case is on appeal. But the only way he can go home soon is to confess to the crime as part of his TYC treatment.
This is a longstanding policy, not something created by the new administration, and I'm glad to see Becka casting light on the topic. OTOH, TYC passed a rule this summer allowing waivers for youth who didn't complete treatment programs (part of their effort to reduce overall inmate populations) so the youth could still be discharged if the Director of Treatment and Case Management approved it. I'm not sure how that new rule fits into the picture, or why the Director of Treatment didn't provide a waiver for the kid from McKinney.

In any event, Happy Turkey Day to all.


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FROM THE DMV APRIL 2006, "In McKinney, Dana Brockway faced the same problem when she tried to get a police report on her son's arrest. She said her son, who is in high school, spent a night in jail after he was arrested for chasing another student with a bat after track practice. Dr. Brockway said her son was hit on the head by the other child before he gave chase, noting the other student was not injured or ever struck. She said she has spent more than $30,000 on lawyers since her son's arrest."




Anonymous said...

Half of the children and probably the adult prison system would not be there if they had real representation. The public defenders just go along with whatever the DA's want and by this they fill the jails & TYC up.

How much could we save by just providing the defendants with a Lawyer that wasn't in the DA's pocket?

Maybe cut the population's in half?

Think on that.....

Anonymous said...

This mother is an enabler. The kid was convicted in court by a jury. It was beyond a reasonable doubt. But by all means, appeal it - I would.

The kid is not a behavior problem, and overall does reasonably well. His mother, though, is a pain in the ass, and thinks she's entitled to everything. She's a walking thinking error.

The issue now is he has to register as a sex offender because he "didn't complete the program." The problem is TYC's resocialization program has been declared dead, so what program is there to complete? If I were him and had an actve appeal, I wouldn't enroll in a sex offender program either. How is that fair?

I'd just let this one go, register him unless he wins his case on appeal. Better yet, I'd turn him over to TDCJ's parole. Let his mother face off with them, and she'll see real quick how fortunante she was to have him in TYC's care.

Mart II Staff

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If TYC administration feels the youth that they have been given the responsibility to warehouse are required to confess their offenses in, i.e., Basic Layout, Offense Cycle as part of their programming I would agree. I would not force it as an element to release however. We must remember that many youth agreed to a plea or simply got railroad as prosecutors, and judges made poor decisions or mistakes sending many individuals to either juvenile or adult systems for offenses they were innocent of. Unfortunately our Criminal Justice system in Texas is broken and that's what happens, especially when prosecutors wrongfully prosecute.

In any case, before TYC requires any youth to confess to anything they may have done, the state should also require that those known administrators who abused youth, who are responsible for the TYC mismanagement and meltdown, cover-ups, false incident accusations or any other predatory behaviors against TYC youth also be required to confess their behavior and what they did to ruin the agency in a public forum.

Only then would those administrators be allowed to retain their state benefits and monthly taxpayer paid retirement checks. I would also ask that those responsible for the firing of employees who were fired because they had past non-violent felony convictions be reinstated and provided with written letters of apology by the Governor including all back pay.

Reported stories of abuse and corruption were made to MOAU administration back in 2003-04. This administration did nothing about or seemed to care about what they were told. Those same TYC administrators are recieving full retirement packages. I feel the State legislature should hold those bastards to the same standard of confession. If TYC youth must confess inorder to be released, all those administrator's need to also confess. They destroyed a state agency and are awarded. Unbeleivable!!!!!

P.S. TYC, this agency can be corrected, proper youth security and custody classifications implemented, operated efficiently and fairly run for the benefit of all. Individuals need to be hired in leadership position that won't play politics or suck-up. People that can and will tell it like it is. Get the mission accomplished.

I am Bill Parker. The former Recomit Case Manager III at Marlin. Anyone have a problem with the above?

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when there is no strong leadership in TYC. The current TYC administration does not have a clue about juvenile justice programs and are weak leaders. Sure they know how to fire veteran staff at the drop of a hat but they cannot stand up to opposition from parents. They have no rehab or school programs because they have no idea what they are supposed to do except get TYC shut down and converted to contract care. Contract care is where the money is for the "Right People"! FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!! The real shame in all of this the average Texan does not know or care about TYC even if costs them millions in wasted tax dollars.

Whatever happened to the sex perverts who punked the kids at WTSS? Has Lydia Barnard been investigated for failing to report child abuse, obstruction of justice, conspiracy to obstruct justice, accessory to sexual assault of a child? Why not Mr. DA of Travis County, it is your job and you have done nothing!!! It was ok to fire 100 people for past criminal records from years ago but the current criminals can slide!

Nothing about the entire TYC mess is about Right and Wrong and making things Right; it is all about money! How much more will all of you have to see and experience before you get it! The people in power in Texas don’t give a rat’s ass about you, the TYC kids or the tax payers. They only care about money and politics! If there is nothing in it for them then they don’t care.

You have to understand you are dealing with amoral people. You do not think like them and therefore cannot understand them. Their goals and desires are totally different from middle class Texans. Caring people are only easy pickings for our leaders. In their minds we are the ones with the screwed up thinking. They have a totally different world view and there is no room in it for you if you have morals and care about other people.

Thank God for all of you who care! If it were not for you the bad guys would have already win the TYC battle. I only want you to know the enemy as they are! I don’t think the media people are bashing TYC staff but are going after the people in control. If you think the media people are against you then email them and discuss it with them. You may learn they are really on your side. God bless all of you and your families.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Henson we are glad you finally got out to the field to see how a TYC facility actually runs. Giddings is not a product of reform but a product of decades and generations of hard work, tenured staff, and consistency stemming back to the late 70's.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it coincidental that when Kimbrough announced he was riding the agency of felons, that Anthony and Bill would all the sudden announce that they had tried to tell the MOAU administration what was occurring in West Texas? None of us at Marlin ever recalled this being discussed back then. In fact, it seems more likely that these two concocted this story to set up a whistle blower case knowing good and well that Anthony's felony past was coming back to haunt him.

Nice try Bill, but the Rangers and the D.A.'s office didn't buy it either. Parsee and Haisler prevailed. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

I think Grits and his friend Will Harrell should visit all the TYC facilities. Dont tell the youth who you are and see what kind of reception you get from them. Bet you can tell me a lot of stories when you get back. Quit hiding behind the ACLU skirt.

Anonymous said...

Why are you folks attacking this guy? Hell, all he did was report on a DMN story and ask a question? And for that, you accuse him of wearing an ACLU skirt?

I'm sure he'll have an observation or two from his visit. We know kids more than likely madd-dogged him. It doesn't matter who you are to them - many could care less. But I bet a lot showed their poliet skills because our staff does such a good job of teaching those skills. But in all fairness, because we have pretty good JCO staff, I agree Grits should visit Mart. That, I hear, is a different animal.

Anonymous said...

Mart's a different animal because an institutional culture is what you make it. Dump 190 youth from bronte into an already blended culture and then bus behavioral problems from all over the rest of the state into the same environment. Mix in an understaffed workforce that has low tenure and your asking for trouble. A physical plant, even a state of the art one can't over come those shortcomings nor compensate for the staff's lack of experience. another TYC brainstorm chalked up to executive administrators with no juvenile justice experience. this is a text book TDCJ super seg adult model.

Anonymous said...

Yeah you're right on man. Yall did get the shit and I feel you. It has become the TYC Ad-Seg unit. I agree with your assessment.

These TDCJ people are carelessly clueless when it comes down to developing a positive peer culture, and that my friend, makes them very dangerous. But hang in there, maybe someone will see this administration wasn't a good fit for TYC.

But then again, maybe not. It's all in Perry's hands now, and well, I wouldn't hold my breath on him making a good decision. If he and the ledge would just appoint a board, maybe some of these decisions would get challenged. Who knows.

Anonymous said...

Mart O&A has the AMP Unit with two inexperienced and ineffective leaders. One is a Billy Humphrey plant (Braly) the other is a Pope plant (King). It's a good thing they have just round 200 new kids to deal with or they would have more problems than Mart II. It's also benefits them that they have good experienced PS.

Anonymous said...

4:36 you are exactly right. I have been saying for months that Mart II is about a hair's breath away from explosion. We have had our youth turned over 3 times in 2 years with Al Price, then Mart I, then Coke Co. There is not only inexperienced staff, but NO staff. The atmosphere yesterday in education was one of dynamite about to ignite any minute. Staff will not address youth, youth are totally in control. It is an extremely dangerous situation. Staff are worn to the bone working 12-16 hr shifts 6-7 days a week. I guess it is going to take someone really getting hurt bad, before help will come. I pray daily for the National Guard to come in and help us. The lege has been asked to come, the CO have been asked to one will come and help. Movement is a nightmare, and there are 340+ youth in the building at one time. Staff and teachers are dropping like flies with high blood pressure and anxiety. This is the worst I have ever seen in 10+ as a TYC employee. But like I said, I guess it will take someone really hurt or dying before any help will come!

Anonymous said...

Hey 02:46:00 PM
That sure is a lot of hating on Grits before he ever lets us know what his position on the issue is!

Give the guy a chance to admit he is even wearing a dress at all before you accuse him of "hiding behind the ACLU skirt".

Anonymous said...

He aint wearing a dress... Tell it like it is...

Anonymous said...

2:12 If Parsee and Haisler prevailed you could have fooled me. Both of them got the boot. Just because you were not let in on the WTSS information does not mean it was not reported. Good try 2:12 to discredit Bill Parker to make some of the old scum look good and protect the guilty. The guy from WTSS got the same treatment for speaking up. Looks like you are part of the old TYC cover up crew 2:12. Also 2:12 I noticed you didn't sign your name like Bill Parker did. Why didn't you use your name? Ashamed of who you are and what you have done in the past?

Anonymous said...

Not ashamed just smart. Bill signed his name to give support for a whistle blower case. Let us not forget how we got to this point. Admission of guilt when innocent - THE OLD TYC.

See Bill I'm on the payroll still. With a payraise.

Anonymous said...

ahahahaha!!!! Parker, you and AM are a couple of scam artist...

Anonymous said...

Harrell would do well to hire Scott in some position to affect change in the system.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

@10:10, I think you didn't read very carefully. I know this went on before the current administration. That's why my post said, "This is a longstanding policy, not something created by the new administration."

And please don't type posts in all caps. They're difficult to read.

Anonymous said...


Care to share your observations? Did you see the BBQ. grills? Is that talent or what? It's amazing what you can do with them when you got the right people guiding them huh?

Anonymous said...

I am wondering how TYC will continue to exist without Staff. We can't even get juveniles sentenced to TYC picked up from our local Detention Center. Admin says there are no staff to do transport. Sounds like these places must be incredibly short staffed. I agree, there will be more injuries and incidents soon.

Anonymous said...

i am a former tyc member and now i am in the military but i think than there are a lot of racist pricks that run victory field correctional academy. i was there from 24may2002 through 01oct2005 and i saw some fucked up shit in there with the staff in gangs and all the black staff sticking together. cadets should be treated like human beings not like dogs. just because we did things that were against the law we should still treat them with the same consideration that we would give to anyone else in the free world. after all almost all of them will be joining us back in this free world and they will bring what they learned from inside out into the world and use it. -Will.

Anonymous said...

To 1:22, 2:12, 9:51 and 10:02:

1:22, Yes, I am a former. Maybe I should have stayed but felt it was time to go. If I left people hanging I apologize. I tried to bring issues up and out in the open. Especially when information about abuse was shared with me by recommits over and over and infront of other staff. Additionally, I believe I did my share of the interview processes when asked to participate in interviews. However, employee selection was above my pay grade.
Line staff have a very difficult job and it was made worse by those past fools in Central Office and some administrators, not all but most of them. If you re-read my post line staff are not the issue. Administrator's that can't see past or comprehend issues beyond thier office doors developing proactive correctional policy is my point.

2:12, My, My. I don't believe I ever mentioned Mr. Parsee or Mr. Haisler. Yesterday was my first post/blog wharever. I don't bring up names. Those two knuckleheads were not the only two administrators MOAU had from 1997 thru 2004. Shame on you for ratting them or yourselves out!! However, anyone who worked with them know they only remember what benefits them. They too were told about what recommits were saying about state schools, come-on be real! The recommit dorm was created because most case workers and staff working the dorms at MOAU saw recommits destroying dorms with their past stories of TYC experience and behavior. So don't say they or you didn't know of abuses or corruption at state schools. Also I was contacted by the Texas Ranger's about WTSS. I was asked what I knew about recommit's and their experience at state schools and explained MOAU administrators knew but did nothing. As far as a concockted coinsidence of support to any co-worker or TYC employee regarding past felonies and a whistleblowing case, that is irrelevant and without merit. I knew MA and several others working who had past felony convictions working in TYC. They were hired and TYC knew those backgrounds. TYC administration hired felons a most all did a great job for the kids and state. To blame them or fire them as was done in a manner that suggests they were the cause of TYC troubles should be looked into, ajudicated and corrected. So to place me in a Whistleblower posture as a coincidence to provide a whistleblowing case for another or with anybody fails that legal test.

9:51, Again I never mentioned names of any MOAU administrators and there were many. So if your still on the payroll working in TYC or state government sign your name and tell us all on the blog which TYC administrator you are!

10:02, Could you elaborate on your reasoning and proof indicating an intentional, knowingly and deliberate scam. If you would could you present facts and direct evidence that would give a reason to benefit from such an act when their are approxiamately 100 others AM would and could benefit from other then me. Obviousily you are having a failure to communicate.

Bill Parker

Anonymous said...

I have a comment about Ms.Brockway and her son, the sex offender. That youth was convicted in a court of law. Before anyone comments on the whether or not it is fair to have him confess before he leaves I think they should read the youth's masterfile. We at Mart II want that kid gone! Mom is an enabler, who thinks she is righteous demanding her son's special treatment, and that is exactly what her son receives! Forget "Fair, Firm and Consistant", it doesn't pertain to that "special" youth! Personally, I think she needs to wake up and smell the coffee. If Mom could spend 30,000 dollars on legal fees, why would anyone assume that this youth had a public defender? Why is TYC getting the blame for her son not being able to leave?
What about the district attorney in McKinney, who is contesting his release?
Ms. Brockway is using the media to put pressure on TYC. She and her son are quite adept at manipulation and intimidation. (Of course, her son has learned from the best). They manipulate TYC staff everyday, from JCO staff all the way the Superintendent. Mom makes threats and files 5 page grievances when she doesn't get her way. So, she gets her way, no matter how farfetched. How many times do you recall a camera crew coming inside a TYC facility? Well this "special" youth has had a film crew following him around filming him for a documentary. That I know of, this has been done at least twice.
How does special treatment and over-accomidation of this "special" youth work within the ACA standards? From what I have read, it doesn't.
Now, in an effort to accomidate mom again, the youth was sent to Gainesville so that he could be closer to her home in McKinney. Mom had a problem with that, too. She pitched such a fit, the "special" youth was brought back to MART II. Really, I can see her point...When you already have everyone intimidated at MART II why mess up a good thing? Besides, she already has the Mart II Asst. Supt.'s cell phone number on speed-dial. She would have had to take time away from her grievance writting to edit his number out of her cell phone, and program the Gainesville Asst. Supt.'s cell number in.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of the unique circumstances of this kid, with the thousands of kids TYC receives a year and the lack of perfection in any judicial system, surely TYC receives some kids who are innocent of the crime for which committed. Does it benefit them to have to confess to those crimes in order to be released?

Anonymous said...

Bill - if what you were saying is true, then why didn't the Rangers do anything about it? They didn't. Parsee went down for something entirely different from what you are saying. Haisler - nothing happened to him, and we wound up retiring on his own accord. No one forced that on him, and he laughed his way to the bank. The D.A. laughed you and your buddy right out of the court house whe you two tried to take your "evidence" there. The bottom line is, no one believes either of you and always believed you two were scamming once again.

Anonymous said...

The "old" administration issued an instruction that said that if a youth had an active appeal of his conviction, he would not be required to "confess" to his crime in his offense cycle or layout.

The situation with that parent and kid at Mart II sounds eerily like the story of Joe Galloway and his mother. It worked for them - that "poor, innocent" kid became a cult hero on the floor of the Senate when Sen. Hinojosa falsely claimed that his allegations of abuse had been confirmed. Oh, well... Old Salty

Anonymous said...

To 12:21,

You are truely a legend in your own mind 12:21. What reason is there to scam anything for or against TYC. What kind of mentality would suggest a scam. It amazes me how uneducated 12:21 you are about a Grand Jury proceeding. I didn't try to present anything nor attend or testify at any Grand Jury about any TYC administrator. Look at the public record, docket date or witness list for that proceeding before documenting false presumptions and innuendo on a public forum. Furthermore, to reinterate again, I never mentioned any names of TYC administrators in this blog. You and some others keep bringing specific names up. You therefore must know they/you were possibly suspects to or in secret Grand Jury proceedings for some reason. If you were in past MOAU meetings regarding recommits you would know why that dorm was created Haisler and parsee knew to and the reasons for it. If you were not in those meetings then you have no business commenting on this subject to me. As for your comment about being laughed out of the Courthouse by the DA, again I was not present to get laughed out. In any case you seem to enjoy the dissemination of unfounded, poisonous and untrue remarks. A truely old admin TYC trait. Also have some B---- if you have any and sign your name. If you can't sign off on your comments then you must have a problem with those comments. For those of you still working in TYC and feel you can't express yourself regarding TYC issues, without being anonoymous that indicates TYC is not really nor is willing to accept change. If so, I unfortunately see a private contract running TYC. Not a good idea in my opinion. I am outta here with this blogging stuff. Last night was my first, today is my last.

Bill Parker

Unbiased and Aware said...

Well, apparently, the Mart II staff that do know this mother and the family are the ones she probably had to file grievances on. The sad thing are incorrect. This boy, is not a sex offender...I coverd in the trial and they had an excellent attorney (paid for by the mother). Unfortunatley, justice doesn't always happen. The school charge, read the paper, was DISMISSED. They had lied. When the mother was to file suite on the city, and the other family, this issue came about. Speak with wisdom and not try to validate error. You may not like this mother and therefore your PERSONAL feelings come about. However, unbiased...I have met her and the family - she is straight forward, strict and highly intelligent. You have failed to realize that the police reports, and the discovery during this youths trial - left the alleged "victim" saying "I didn't say that" and "I'm sorry Ms Brockway - this wasn't true". You are talking about things in fraction and not whole. And that is ridiculous since you are trying to speak about the life of a talented young man and loving family. Once again, in ignorance a majority of you ANONYMOUS writers...this youth did not get "beat up" because he is a "sex offender", he was attacked off guard by staff - much like yourself, attempting to speak about matters that you don't know. Did any of you pay several youth to assault this youth? I covered that too. I heard the lies, you staff try to tell and is sickening - I sat in the trial, I saw the absolute corruption (Jena 6, Atlanta - ring a bell) and what this family had to go thru...this kid, there are people in the prison system INNOCENT. But I am sure none of you TYC, ANONYMOUS writers think so do you? But you probably think it good to rape, beat and lie on 225's to punish a kid don't you? You know nothing of the waiver once again, as you read...he was told he was leaving...something was done and approved right? You have failed to read the story in understanding....TYC told him he was going home then changed their minds..this parent is not an enabler...she is an excellent mother and is very much aware of the comments, she won't publish ANONYMOUS - like you guys did. That is the funny part. You don't have a clue as to what you are talking about...and yet, you are the same people who defend wrong. The same people who stand by and encourage the wrong to the kids in the system. Mr Hanson was unbiased...the ISSUE is this youth has done everything - and then some, in accordance to TYC. He should not be held past his date because TYC has a failed to do their job. PERIOD. Best,

Anonymous said...


You certainly can not seriously claim to be "unbiased" when your descriptive words in you written statements are dripping with bias.

Anonymous said...

Does no one read the news, does no one see the actions in our legal system, Jenna-6 or when a 17-year-old boy gets 10 years in prison for consensual blow job from 15-year-old. Those decisions were reversed after these children's lives were ruined and everyone assumed they were guilty and yet they weren't. You are naive and blind if you think the legal system works so smoothly.

I have met this child and his mother at visitation....she is not an enabler, he is not a sex offender and I pray this child is fully acquitted. As a sex offender counselor...there are "characteristics", patterned behavior - a profile...yes, he was in trouble in school - but that charge...WAS DISMISSED! I followed up thoroughly, even with the other family, and that youth admitted he had lied. You probably want to research and use your brains and stop being so personal and stay with the issues. TYC staff regularly prey on parents that do not know what rights their child has in TYC, because they can never get an answer... you have to file a grievance to get it, most of these parents do not even know where to begin to defend the injustices committed against their children daily at the hands of TYC. You can not be angry because this parent is educated and isn't afraid to use her knowledge to hold TYC accountable to their own policy.

I have read the comments where the "mother is a pain in the ass". Good... more parents should be. Stop whining because she expects you to do your job without harm to a child when you are an adult.

First, it is obvious from the responses by Mart staff she probably has valid concerns and addressed them in the correct manner. So, personal views are not the views of the law. You can't speak about the jury because you have no idea what went on in that court room. I don't think this mother "thinks she is entitled" but I guarantee by your reaction and the court filing...she is a mother who is active with her son and will give Mart II a dose of truth. And obviously by your statement "this kid is not a behavior problem"...that's home raising not TYC raising. Think on that. I know this kid and the parents, they are good people.

Secondly, you're NOT reading accurately....the mother and youth approved his registration until the appeals were completed.... it appears that TYC fudge another kid AFTER telling him and calling her he was going home and then backed out of it.....that's not a thinking error on her part....she sees the errors in that and asks several questions. How is wanting your son home a thinking error? I don't have a son....but I would want him home, treated fairly and just if he weren't and as a parent.... I AM ENTITLED TO FAIR AND JUST AND SO IS MY KID. I, personally, have no problems with her....

Personal feelings many workers really do see active and alert parents like this one. Kids that "ARE NOT BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS" like this one? Use your heads and not your personal feelings.....if TYC said you can go home and then can't....something is wrong with that on TYC's part. There is a reason for the overhaul. I wish all parents and kids were like this family. She may be a pain, but she is a pain who truly loves her kid.

So praise her and the family for investigating the charge thoroughly... you may want to invest some money in the truth instead of taking a personal gab at good people. Call her, I got her number because I wanted a comment to your comments....and true to what I thought she would say was....."I have nothing to say bad about any of them...they can call Airick whatever they like....Jesus will correct and redeem. I will continue to defend my son...I was there...I know the truth...I will not attempt to convince anyone about me, my family or my son. I will continue to write grievances and I will continue to fight for a clearing of his name. I won't 'slam' TYC...but legislature did "sweeping reform" for a reason. now if we can get it implemented...that would be a good thing.

I pray his acquittal comes quickly and I pray she stays strong and continues to support her son.

Best regards,
Harriet Jones

Anonymous said...

You folks are all off beat....Bill Parker hit it on the sounds like you guys are pissed at this parent because she writes "5 page grievances". Thats bad on your part....because this parent obviously had alot of issues with Mart II and the worse thing yet...she is the main one fighting for the Mart unit to get more staff. Bill Humphrey did his ain't got no idea about the move to Gainsville and yet again you idiots....if you knew anything outside of gossiping and lying because you don't like the parent because she filed grievances....Gainsville is 5 hours away from this mother.

She ain't got the Super's number on speed dial...she calls the emergency line. She ain't the only parent that complains...but I am glad she does. There needs to be reform....I'm sick of working over time and not getting paid, I'm sick of these kids not getting what they need...clean sheets would one said anything to her when she rescued that mange filled dog from the unit. I like her, she's real and her kid is HERS. Defend on Ms Brockway!

And just for the record....u people r a complete embarressment to TYC - YOU can't read.....YOU assume....I've seen this kids master file and every grievance this mother and kid valid. His masterfile has huge issue and mistakes....and you wonder why she files grievances, which by the way, is a right that TYC offers for reasons like this. And u cliam she is using the media - look moron....whatever the media does...she can't control that....and why u want 2 hate and blast because the media follows this kid? There maybe some truth in his INNOCENSE. Whtevr amt of money this chic has spent, whtevr grievances she files....all of you know...ain't many parents that will stay down for their kid. Stop hating becuase she brings the heat....there is foul shit in TYC and U KNOW IT.

Ms Brockway - Airick is a great kid and I know he is innocent.... someone may need to look at the DA and Collin County Judges....from what I read and hear....ain't no place for black folks!

Mart II Staff - As well - and I ain't hating....

ps.. there are children who have admitted raping their sisters and brothers and they dont have to register? Explain that! She even has other kids BEGGING her to help THEM!

Anonymous said...

another element you guys are missing is that they expect the kids to admit to their charge as it is written in the police report... not what they are found guilty of by a trial of their peers, so for example, if the police write one thing down but you are found guilty of a lesser charge.. you still have to admit to the more severe charge (of which you are technically innocent)... how is that just? They don't EVEN apply that rule to adults. But you want to talk about what you don't know. Seems personal to me.... soooooo if you guys are writing on the parent and the youth with a personal flavor and you don't even have all the facts, then maybe the Judge and DA did too, its not like it would be a first. No telling what they said to the Jury...


Anonymous said...

To the idiot who said he was a violent kid: HE was struck on the head by the other kid BEFORE giving chase"...Um, hit me on the head WITH A BAT...and lets see where it goes...PLUS that case was DISMISSED... Do you think before your write... do you think while you read? Perhaps you were hit on the head with a bat... should have defended yourself better. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT

AND who said: "What about the district attorney in McKinney, who is contesting his release?" Is that a question or fact and it would really be strange that a DA is contesting this kid's release doesn't it? Manipulation....let's see...she has her stuff in writing....the DA in McKinney must have pressured TYC to retract the who is manipulating?

Anonymous said...

I know nothing about this case or the people involved but I do know this as a parent. For me, I will stand behind my kids in any and all situations that occurs in life.
It is my duty as a parent to defend my child if he needs my defense. If he has committed a wrong then I will let him know he is wrong and go from there, but I will stand beside him/her to help in anyway that is in the best interest of him/her. That is what a parent does and it makes no difference who's toes they may step on in the process. Anything less than that is not acceptable as a parent.
We all seem to judge the actions of a good parent by the actions of a bad parent who seeks to sue for monitary gain and TYC has seen many of those during its tenor. But that is just a fact of life.
Good luck to this parent and her son and lets all hope and pray the actions here are in the best interest of the child. I applaud her for doing everything she can for her child. TYC does not see many parents that even want to visit them as well as stand up for them.

Anonymous said...

2:12, you are half right. AM is the would-be whistleblower. BP has other motivations. They have managed to dupe the media -- for now, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Do you know what post 10:47. Both AM and BP get allot of grief on some of these blogs. I have worked with both. They also get allot of praise for what they did to. If the timing pisses some off get over it. BP had a difficult personality to deal with but he told it straight. He was not perfect but he did not take any crap from supervisors and spoke his mind to other co-workers. When he did, he looked at you right in the eye doing it. That made allot of people mad, but it also made you think. TYC needs more of that. AM was helpful to everyone even if he did not like you. I worked in
6A and can say he was very good on our dorm and was as helpful to me always. Both do not deserve the negative comments I seen on here. The staff or ex-staff complaining about what they did, how they did it, and when they did it should stop and look what they can do for changes. What did any of you do to try to change the TYC culture and think outside the box?

Anonymous said...

To 8:49 a.m. I agree. Both AM and BP did their jobs well. AM should not have been terminated, so I can understand what he's about.

Anonymous said...

8:49: Their timing doesn't p--- me off, it just confuses me.

BP left TYC of his own accord in 2004, having been a successful case manager for a number of years. Here, he turns a string of comments about a youth being required to recite his offense into name-calling and demands for confessions from administrators. Then, he closes his post by asking if "anyone has a problem" with what he has said. I regret that some posters are giving him grief, but he seems to be inviting negative comments now, for some reason. Since he's posted his last, I guess we'll never know.

Anonymous said...

Can't speak for current or past actions, but the expectation of "confessing" to offense comes from the concept of treatment instead of (only) punishment. It compares to the first step of any 12 step program, i.e., acknowledging I have a problem. Sanders and Logterman both recommended not going into details at MOAU, allowing students to say words to the effect "I was charged with...", at least until appeals ended. It was also allowed on a case by case basis to void that requirement. Keep in mind some kids actually feel that holding the victim down while another rapes or shoots them means they are not really guilty.
To 10:03; too many cases involve the molestation up to full blown rape of a younger sister or brother. In that case, which kid does the mother stand behind? My hope is that it would be both, but the victim has to see it that way also; otherwise "the victim" is to blame for older sibling going to jail, or maybe they learn being a victim is permanent and expected status.
In fairness (okay, very limited fairness) my ongoing issue with Sanders, Logterman et al is that they were most familiar with violent/serial/non-familial perpetrators, in other words, the ones most likely to go to treatment. Many of those going into the other schools were single episode, experimenting, confused that could and should have been treated in the community. (I am not suggesting innocent. Then again, take a look at what qualifies for a sex offense and see how many of us could have been committed and had to register if we had been caught doing what teenagers do).

Anonymous said...

If a youth has a formal appeal they do not have to complete that portion of treatment (offense or behavior cycel) as related to their charge.

Yes we ask kids to tell the truth about what actually happened, even if they plea to a lesser charge. Charges rarely reflect what actually happened. Because we are trying to do treatment. we want to work with reality, no legal mishmash.

and yes we ask kids to do this. even when we don't ask adults.

Anonymous said...

2:10pm., I have an interest in juvenile criminal justice issues. We are private group in Nebraska. Do you have a connection of some sort with BP and AM as you call them. What is the problem. If they did their jobs well, it would seem they should be looked at favorably by all. If an administration or administrator was exposed by them for incompetence so be it. In my profession individuals that can speak out or are not afraid to confront or project new ideas are the most successful and make our at risk youth successful also. Our youth identify with positive staff and are motivated by their energy. To be sucessful in a JV program it takes leaders that are not afraid of those types of personnel that can develope repore and cultivate ideas for the common good of the program objectives. If had just 25 AM's and BP's., based what I have read, our program here would be even a better benefit for our youth. If anyone could provide a contact for AM or BP it would be greatly appreciated.


Dr. Byron F. Fromelt, Ph.D., LMSW
Director of Juvenile Services

Anonymous said...

4:31...I agree with you. But since none of us no this charge and I have seen his case had absolutely nothing to with a was a 15 year old and a 30 something woman. Anyone know any teachers that have sex with their students? I DO NOT KNOW IF THAT WAS THE CASE...however, I agree, that if we were caught....

I disagree with 4:39....this kid and his parent had notified Sanders and Logertman that they were using false information. TYC put it in writing they wanted this kid to confess...the former Super of Giddings tried forcing the kid and then Kimbrough stepped in (I was there). This kid does not talk about his case and he does not act out.

If you read the other blogs... Scott Hanson was questioned to death by kids wanting to know how to get into a program. Their MLOS are almost up also....the only fair and equitable thing to do is to allow this kids release...he tried to enter the program and TYC denied him (I was there). The parent grieved under the PLRA and she was dismissed by Owens...and now they want to "roll out a new therapy plan on Dec 1"...while this kid and other kids are already past their MLOS? On top of the parent, register the kid and then refuse his release?

Well, I never got an answer back from the writer that said it wasn't TYC but the DA not wanting that kid out sounds awefully similar to the black kid in Atlanta and the Supreme Court over turned his conviction AFTER two years in jail. This kid will never be the same... the parent committed herself to having him do therapy for being in TYC and sex offender treatment, meet with a parole officer, and everything that TYC wanted...and yet you can home and then Oh, no you can't. That isn't right and that is not the agency that I want to work for.

We all know JCO's, Caseworkers and Administration people that "do their own thing" and its not always right. If he was denied and by the article Tim Savoy said "slowly will start it at other units..." well, I am sure if i were that kids parent....I would think....that's not right. By our policy his MLOS is a year and obviously he does good because the staff said "he isn't a behavior problem" but the mother is a pain....I can understand why. We all have kids, we deal with these kids, how many parents deal with their kids in the system? Not many....we don't know this case and I have a feeling....if a DA is trying to stop his release....something not right was up in that trial or right up in his release and then non-release.

That parent uses the methods available to her - I commend her. Alot don't even care about their kid. The issue isn't about admitting to the charge any more...the issue is that when the youth requested the program...they didn't let him in....and now its time for him to go home....and they won't let him because of the program...all of us know that that boy can do that stuff in the free....something ain't right...and from the comments on the mother... I am to the position as the other writer....she probably filed grievances on you and you probably did something wrong.

J. North

Anonymous said...

4:39....that's not true...or maybe not in this kids case...obviously, by the court filing...the attorneys have something that says that TYC wanted him to admit to his should read the filing before saying stuff on what they don't ask....I have a feeling that lady has some paperwork to contradict what we are asked to do with these kids.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Fromelt, maybe BP and AM would be willing to move to Nebraska. You don't need 25 of them, though. No organization could sustain more than one or two dynamic and talented individuals like BP and AM for long.

Anonymous said...

It is not the business of TYC to determine a kids guilt or innocence, that is ultimately for the courts, judges, and lawyers to decide. Once a youth is committed to TYC he/she is expected to "work the program." Part of working the program is taking responsibility for your actions (yes, I often think it would be nice if TYC staff would lead by example.) Part of taking responsibility is confessing/admitting to the crime allegedly committed. It is a pretty tough sell to special services to say a kid has reformed/rehabilitated him/herself when they are unable or unwilling to accept responsibility for the alleged offense. So why should he or she be released?

Look, if the kid didn't commit the offense then he should stick to his guns and follow the advice of his lawyer. Doing the right thing isn't always easy. But don't get bent out of shape that the staff at TYC are doing the job they are expected to do, rehabilitate youth. The problem is one for the court to resolve.

I have worked with several kids who refused to admit guilt for that very reason and they all stayed in TYC a very long time (not all were well behaved little angels.) I also had students tell me they did not commit their committing or classifying offense but had done worse or equivalent so figured it all evened out. Others faked it to make it. Once they are committed guilt is assumed or they should not have been sent there. As long as the commitment paperwork is in order then TYC must accept the youth. Trust me, I have seen more than a few questionable commitments.

For the record, rarely does TYC get "police reports" with the commitment papers and common application.

If the kid is innocent then he should stick to his guns but he should be aware that this may mean "toughing" it out by doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Just like there are innocent people in the adult system, there are innocent kids in TYC. Why is it impossible to believe he could be innocent? Regardless of what his mother is like!!

Anonymous said...

Well, 7:53 you are incorrect....I know first hand that TYC wanted this "admit to the charge via police reports." Just the string of comments regarding this issue has only shown how inconsistant and unlawful and uninformed staff and agency are. Like you said, ".....they are in there a long time....". And you think thats right?! You can't "force" rehabiliation...that's like forcing a square peg into a round hole. I really don't care about "the mother" reading the comments the only thing consistent is this kid not admitting he did it and her. she is obviously this kids strongest advocates and I agree with the running string...we don't see that often, if any. I wonder how often she visits....or anthing. And yes, 9:18 there are innocent people in the adult prison and the YOUTH PRISON...if not, the innocense project wouldn't exisit. And I assure you...they have released many a people since they began. I for one, believe this kid is innocent and I think the filing grievances and whatever has supported her kid. The grievance system is there to be used....we work in this environment and we are frustrated...imagine NOT being able to go home. There are mistakes in trials...there are issues in the justice system...its a shame a young kid as to suffer because of the inability to get a program together...but I hope for all the kids...the attorneys are successful. This kid isn't asking to be let out because his case is on appeal...the attorneys are asking because we, TYC, failed to provide the treatment. If we did, then why were all the kids asking Scott how to get in...and they too, are near there exit date. I agree with the one who wrote "something ain't right". If they said he can go home and then decided to not let him...with the reason being the 'treatment'...just think if he is innocent and the hell and the stories of those he has been locked up around for however long and then to subject him to treatment?! Do you know what they make those offenders go thru? Why hasn't anyone seen the "new program"? Why isn't getting to ALL the kids...Savoy said "slowly" but yet the kids are the ones that are suffering and still locked up. By policy they could let him out and he could do it at the expense of the parents..not the state...I don't really care about the personal attacks anyone wants to make towards this mother...she's not the issue...let's stay focused...and the only thing that I really can read is this lady loves her son and sees the wrong. I say stay focused on the issues and don't get side tracked because she complains about things that don't make sense. Hell we work there...and it ain't right for us - what's maken right for the youth? NOTHING...there are to many "not rights" with this whole thing....I hope he goes home free and clear. And 7:53...TYC chose to play judge and jury when they try to force kids to admit to a charge...I don't think a forced "I did this" is going to rehabiliate could really piss them off and then you got some youth who is now a crazy adult who knows how to work and play the system. Its a revolving door and I hope this kid and his family get out acquitted and stay out.

Anonymous said...

9:55 p.m. Sounds like you are working on personal issues... Again, once a youth comes through the sally gate and is committed to TYC he is presumed to have committed the offense. Many/most youth/criminals profess to be innocent, doesn't mean it is true. As far as treatment goes, it has to begin someplace... and in most case s it is in admitting you have a problem "Hello, my name is Joe and I'm an ..."

I will tell you the same thing I'd tell the youth... doesn't matter whether I think you are guilty or innocent because working the program means owning responsibility for your offense and I am only one cog in the overall system in which you are to work your way through. If you are innocent I hope you have a good lawyer but until then it is in your best interest to work the program.

Besides, any good lawyer could argue that the kid was only working the program and did what he had to do to get released from TYC.

Also, as far as the programs of TYC goes... the majority or Staff at Tyc are hard working good people who have the best interests of the youth in their custody. A few bad apples doesn't mean the who barrel is bad.

TYC has suffered from poor funding and under staffing since 2003 with most of the senior management who understood youth care in conjunction with Morales vs Turman retiring or set to retire leaving a leadership vacuum.

Unfortunately, bad apples took those positions and been replaced by some rancid tomatoes....

I am more concerned about abuse and neglect and rights violations today than I was 9 months ago. I am deeply troubled the direction the agency is traveling in. Since 2002/2003 it was head in a bad direction, now it seems to be in the express lane!

Anonymous said...

Just a couple of thoughts:

a) completing a required treatment does not mean only specialized treatment... those who make full Phase 4 are considered to have completed treatment (and, in fact, may have, presuming case managers, psychs, and special services are doing their jobs) and
b) while you cannot force rehabilitation, you might jump start it. For example, court commitments to state hospitals for alcohol/drug treatment would end the following day or 2 if the "patient" didn't want to stay... no point in tying up a bed; in some cases, convicting the person of a DWI, giving them probation and making rehabilitation a condition of their probation could be the motivation to stick out the program... and, maybe, learn something about themselves. Clearly not for all persons with substance abuse problems, but true for some (I am no longer with MHMR, so don't know if this is still practiced). For TYC kids, individual maturation times may vary, as does maybe finally deciding that being oppositional isn't going to work. This presumes the intention is treatment, not only punishment. Incidently, the reason most of the psychiatrists in TYC agree with the rules about a student being able to refuse medication (and not wanting to use crushed or dissolved medication) is that personal responsibility works better than forcing compliance.

Anonymous said...


Interesting article and discussion here. You're right that this problem existed long before the current admin took charge; in fact, it dates back to the due process revolution of the 1960s, and is most likely national in scope.

In a series of rulings, most famously In re Gault (1967), the US Supreme Court extended due process protections to juvenile courts. This includes the right against self-incrimination in the case of the offender described in DMN.

But this went against the grain of traditional juvenile justice practices. Juvenile courts suddenly had to apply higher standards for proof, provide counsel, and prevent kids from "confessing" to offenses they may or may not have committed.

Plus confessions seem to have been fast becoming an important feature of juvenile rehab programs by the 1960s and 70s - esp in group therapy sessions where offenders were expected to open up. Again, it's not clear whether this was particular to Texas, but my guess would be probably not.

I'm not sure how TYC dealt with this problem between the 1970s and 2000s. I'm also not sure that keeping the confessional in place, while exempting offenders whose cases are on appeal, won't just create new problems.

Juveniles have been appealing their cases since at least the 1910s. Back then, they had to admit guilt too, but nobody really cared much whether they learned anything from it, only whether they did their work.

Now I go to eagerly read about your turkey day dinner at Giddings.


Anonymous said...

Well, I do agree that it is a good discussion topic...however, the point is not the confession anymore...I agree with the writer who said "its going down in the express lane." It absolutely is. And yes, confessions have been going on for a long time...that doesn't make them right, it doesn't make them 'rehabilitated' and to the writer who "any good lawyer could argue he was working the program...." you are correct...he would be LYING to get out and it would serve the system the youth nor society any good to have a young mind being taught to LIE to get out...when he may innocent. That was a ridiculous comment and NO there is no personal feel or knowledge here...but simple reasoning.

Anonymous said...

To 8:46; as ridiculous as it is, it was still part of some staff's practice; in one case, student was held up for several months for not acknowledging 2 crimes on each of 2 victims (despite fact that the crimes were exclusionary of each other and the police and cps found the 2 victim was not present at the time of the alleged crime (hard as it is to believe, very young kids may want the attention the real victim is getting, in part because they think it was a game they weren't allowed to play). Howard got a call from me on that one (as well as a second one going on at the time)... Thanks to Dr. Sanders, kid was released acknowledging the one actual crime and victim. There are concerns that we no longer have that kind of clincal or legal support in central office; in the absence of actual therapeutic benefit, it becomes arbitrary punishment; on the other hand, if kids are "sentenced" to specific time without regard to progress we have, in fact, become TDCJjr, just warehousing.

Anonymous said...

OK, 8:46 that makes more sense the extent of verifiying that keeping a kid...indefiniate amounts of time because they "don't admit", and yes, I do understand that admitting it maybe important but ask any addict...."until they are ready". I don't know what this kid is sentenced to...but 1) if the DA is trying to keep the kid in...I do have a jagged view because that is what they tried to do with that kid in Atlanta...2) I haven't read anything good about Collin County regarding I decided to look up this kids case and found ALOT of inconsistent issues in his file. I will admit, I was one of the ones who was told he and his mother were trouble and etc., but after I stood back and stopped listening and started looking into it....there are huge issues of concern for me now. 3) The kid could finish up out in the free...we aren't even ready to start the treatment program caseworkers have no manuals and yet we get a call that the Mart II unit are started in Dec 1 NOT Al Price like reported in the paper. and 4) I was being very ugly to this kid because the mother filed grievances...I will admit it...but once I spoke to her seperately and them him seperately....I felt really bad because I followed the gossip and lies. In guilt I started looking over Collin County stuff...www. had nothing nice to say and they gave those folks ADULT pedofiles and they didn't want that. I think, like alot of the other staff NOW, that we wrongfully punished and we are wrongfully keeping this kid becxauase the DA and whomever have a personal issue with the family. I don't want personal, TYC has issues...they caved into the DA versus doing the right thing. They allowed the rapes and beatings of those other boys too...they caved in, the treatment program is defunked...and all those kids approaching theri sentences are still in. I do know he is a "sentenced" offender...but I do agree with you....Dr Sanders did some good...not really sure what happened but Kimbrough left this place in the hands of more evil and more destroyed...and article with him and Perry in leather?>! How about an article where they are actually helping these kids and staff?!

Anonymous said...

Both Perry and Kimbrough in leather? Did they have Village People hats on to?

Anonymous said...


Life is not black and white, often there are shades of grey. Lieing (using the word in a broad sense) can in fact be therapeutic. In fact "faking it to make it" is the Adlerian technique of "Acting as if."

Point of fact, everyone lies...but not everyone tells damaging hurtful lies.

Taking reponsibility for ones offense is only a small part of the program. Many of the core elements can be used in all areas of life. Resocialization was just a fancy package for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy...

It is a prefered therapy largely because the therapy can be used to set time oriented goals that can be measured and compared... Insurance companies love it!

If it is in the kids best interest the he should "act as if" to get him through the program. If it is not then he/she should do what they think is best for them. However, they should be fully informed of the possible consequences and allowed to weigh and make an appropriate choice that fits him or her.

Anonymous said...

I have found these posts most interesting. That TYC requires a sex offender to admit to his/her crime is consistent with what most Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Providers would require. The offender was convicted or adjudicated for the crime and it is not the treatment provider's or TYC's role to determine whether someone is guilty or innocent. Sex Offender Treatment in TYC is governed by the Council on Sex Offender Treatment's rules. I would suggest that someone contact the Council and ask if an adjudicated/ convicted sex offender can successfully complete treatment without admitting to the crime. I think it would be difficult to complete the treatment components (see below) if he/she did not admit to the crime.

Here is a link to the Council's rules and the section related to successful completion.

§810.2. Definitions
(29) Successful Completion of Sex Offender Specific Treatment--May
include but is not limited to admitting and accepting responsibility for all crimes, demonstrating the ability to control deviant sexual arousal, understanding sexual offense, increase in pro-social behaviors, increase in appropriate support systems, improved social competency, compliance with supervision, compliance with court conditions, increased understanding of victimization, no deception indicated on exit polygraphs, completing and passing the sex history polygraph, approved safety plans, approved reoffense prevention plans, successful completion of adjunct treatments (for example: anger management, substance abuse, etc.), and the demonstrated integration and practical application of the skills presented in treatment. Each of these issues regarding successful completion of treatment shall be addressed unless precluded by §810.65 of this title (relating to the Assessment and Treatment of Juveniles with Sexual Behavior Problems)...

Anonymous said...

to: 9:25
...hence the very limited use of exceptions to admitting to the offense. In addition, even if the kid had his crime plea bargained down, the expectation is for him to present what he really did. But, as 8:05 notes, it probably isn't effective "until they are ready," something that is true for most of our kids. One of the advantages of committing to age 21 (back a year ago) is that, like jumping a high bar almost doing it right doesn't get you the gold medal or out of TYC. As Dreikurs (for all you cognitive behavior fans)would point out, there are logical and natural consequences for a persons actions. Not earning a phase is such a consequence and may not be punitive if the kid recognizes achieving that goal is HIS responsibility. On top of the earned "reward" of leaving TYC, successful completion means he won't have to register (if he was deferred) or increasing his potential of getting his registration requirements reduced or cancelled if he petitions the court. However, rather than keeping him in TYC, I would tend to release him with registration required and a treatment plan recommendation for the court indicating that he should have to successfully complete a treatment program at his expense in order be considered for a reduction in registration requirements.

Anonymous said...

This is for 11/23/07 9:27 AM
You are reprenting the milatary so well with your language in your post. Didn't you say you were there, what 2 yrs? Why was that? Because you were gang involved yourself and refused to follow the rules. Aren't you "generalizing" about all staff there? Not everyone was racist and you in particiluar, young man, had many people that tried to help get you out sooner. But it was you, not others, who made your stay longer that it should of been.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

"You are reprenting [sic] the milatary [sic] so well with your language in your post"

Yeah, what a letdown: Soldiers curse! Now I'll never respect the military again. ;)

OTOH, maybe when Will gets back y'all can get together and he can give you some spelling lessons. Enough people have been hating on this guy - he gets an opinion, too, and had a closer vantage point than most for several years from which to judge the institution. Who knows, maybe not every one of the staff he dealt with were straight arrows - would you really be surprised?

Good luck, Will, I hope you come home safe and soon.

Anonymous said...

To 11/28/2007 12:15:00 AM - the issue is not whether this kid will admit. He is saying he is innocent and on appeal...according to the filing and by the written reports....the family agreed and had arranged for counseling and everything beyond what even TYC offers...(read the filing) however, the issue as clearly stated in the news article is not whether he admits - its being delayed because he can not admit to a charge while on ACTIVE appeal...hence the lawsuit and by your response...I see why they filed. An active appeal...against self incrimation is a CONSTITUITIONAL RIGHT - nothing that TYC, the DA, or anyone can or should take away from this youth. To, Will - the military guy...I agree with Grits, no one will really be able to speak like an "expert" except those behind bars....what they endure at the hadns of staff...may not be the experience that all the staff bring but by common sense...I am certain the staff arent pure in their actions either. Will, you speak with experience, the boy trying to be released is speaking for experience so in efforts to stop the guessing...we don't know this kid situation...we don't what he or Will has endured...but I am will all come out. The issue is the policy - I agree, let the kid out - let him continue on until his appeals processes are completed and then see. But obviously, he doesn't read as a bad kid and there are valid points but to say "he doesn't hve to register"...the committing have absolutely no idea what the court jacket, the judge or the DA have for this kid. Obviously, time will reveal all of it but if by the writtings it pissed alot of people off, one staff wrote that the DA stopped his release....well, let's just wait and see what's to happen next. Will, I agree with Grits - come home safe and be blessed and covered with the spirit.