Thursday, August 02, 2007

Grits commenter questions to be included in TYC Q&A document

I forgot to mention, in my conversation with Texas Youth Commission PR man Jim Hurley today on other matters, he told me he hoped that the much anticipated Q&A document answering questions raised at TYC's "State of the Agency" briefings would be finished and online sometime next week. TYC executive director Dimitria Pope promised that questions asked at the recent State of the Agency briefings would be recorded and a document compiled with the answers so they could be more widely disseminated.

What's more, I'm happy to report that Hurley said they've included the questions proposed here by Grits commenters.

Cool! I look forward to learning a great deal from that document if they answer all those questions in a direct and forthright fashion.


Anonymous said...

You're so right Grits--that's COOL!
I'll definitely be looking for those answers. Did Mr. Hurley tell you WHERE the information will be found online? Any information coming direct from a TYC source thus far has been really hard to find. In fact, without your website, we'd be clueless!

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Obviously I'll post the link to the Q&A here as soon as it's available.:)

dannoynted1 said...

you were so right grits about the pipeline you mentioned back in june....check this out!

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Anonymous said...

Can you file an open records request for the blue ribbon panel report? Apparently it is top secret with instructions for no leaks or it will cost you your job. That is why I am giving this question to you. The consultants were paid money so I suppose that was tax payer money. I wonder why it is such a top secret?


Anonymous said...

tdn, Is there really anything that earth-shattering in there?

Fannie Mae said...

TDN and all,
Relax. The Blue Ribbon report is still in draft form -- that's why it hasn't been released yet. When it's final, I'm sure there will be a media release from UT and some sort of related story.

It's not a conspiracy; it's not a giant secret. It's just not finished.

Anonymous said...

Notice to TYC staff. We now have a message areaa dedicated to you. It's anonymous, and the discussions are great. The more exposure TYC staff get in thier issues, the better off you'll be!

Anonymous said...

Relax! No. What is earth shattering is that this Blue Ribbon Panel and report is one of the fixes that the new administration gave as a solution to the broken system of TYC. TYC personel were extremely limited in the formulation or now dissemination of any of this information. What is earth shattering is that this is secrecy. The tone is, is, if you ask for it, then you are really asking for it! I would equate this icky feeling to the same dynamic that occurred with those students at West Texas State School when they were wanting to complain.

Why not a briefing, why not an announcement that it is in draft form and will be forth coming? Why is this not an issue for the press?

Contracting out care and treatment for young offenders, proposing regional centers, pepper spray and handcuffs being disseminated, changing the treatment program, having superintendents job postings, and replacing top positions with persons that are appointed rather than apply are all important markers of a "new treatment approach." I suspect this report may contain some recommendations that are contrary to some of the current decisions and directions that TYC is going.


Anonymous said...

Found this... I am getting so tired of not hearing things like this unless someone e-mails me this kind of information. I am in Austin and still do not hear about these stories. News like this should have made it into the Austin Statesman!!!!!

Web Posted: 08/05/2007 10:25 PM CDT

The 18-year-old man who went missing from a Texas Youth Commission halfway house was apprehended downtown Sunday evening.

After receiving a tip, bike patrol officers found Roger Gore, 18, at Rivercenter mall Sunday and caught him after a brief foot chase, police spokesman Joe Rios said.

Gore faces charges for his July 28 escape from the Ayers House on the city's Northwest Side and resisting arrest, Rios said.

A second escapee, Joshua Lattimore, 17, was arrested on Friday after police spotted the two and another unidentified suspect in a stolen car near Nolan and North Palmetto streets on the East Side.

Roger Gore was apprehended after he led police on a short foot chase at Rivercenter Mall Sunday afternoon.

Police said the pair then went to Abilene, where they kidnapped a woman at her apartment complex parking lot Wednesday.

Gore sexually assaulted the woman while Lattimore was driving, police said. The woman was then dumped at a field and the suspects drove back to San Antonio.

On Friday, San Antonio police spotted the pair in the woman's stolen car. Lattimore was arrested but Gore got away on foot.

Gore faces charged of evading arrest in San Antonio and kidnapping and sexual assault charges in Abilene, police said.

Anonymous said...

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