Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Parole board meets in Austin tomorrow

Is anybody planning to attend the meeting tomorrow of the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole in Austin? I have a conflict and can't be there, but if anybody wanted to supply a writeup of what looks to be a relatively brief event, I'd love to post an update on Grits. Here's their agenda, which a couple of different folks have emailed me:
Meeting of the Board of Pardons and Paroles

Austin on August 15th at 10:00 am at 8610 Shoal Creek Blvd., Building 7W, Room 112 to discuss the following rules of the Texas Administration Code pertaining to parole: This is the proposed agenda for the meeting.

1. Call to Order
2. Discussion of rules under Chapter 145
3. Discussion of rules under Chapter 146
4. Discussion of rules under Chapter 150
5. Adjourn
From that description, there's no telling what rules they're changing. (Here are the sections of the Administrative Code they're referencing.)

If you plan to attend, take detailed notes and tell us what they're up to. And be sure to let us know what Rissie Owens is wearing - she's always a sharp-dressed gal. :)


Anonymous said...

sounds to me like they are fixin to make it harder for folks to get out. Once they are there it might as well take an act of god to get them released. Who cares what Mrs. Owens is wearing!!!. swhat she needs to do is let those people out that have finished a program they were told to take. My brother-in-law finished his on Aug 7. He was told that he would be released. Now, thay are telling us that his paperwork has been sent to Austin to be reviewed-again. What is there to review?? He did the program release him.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

The line about her attire was a joke - she's just a bit of a clothes horse.

There's no telling what they're going to do, which is why I hope someone who attends gives us a report. The Lege pressured them to go the other direction, but Owens was pretty defiant toward them. So it'll be interesting to find out exactly which way they're going.

Sorry to hear about your brother in law - I hope he's out soon. best,

Anonymous said...

The new law requires a "specific" reason in writing when parole is denied - outside the guidelines.

The new law also requires that parole guidelines specificaly include consideration of TDCJ programs completed by inmates.

The law is in effect now or Sept. 1st, I do hope the BPP will provide information about how they will comply with the new laws.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

@8:24 - actually they should be proposing rules to say how they'll abide by the new laws, is my guess. That's why I think it might not be all bad, as outlawprincess suggests, and it might be an interesting meeting to attend. Wish I didn't have a conflict.

Anonymous said...

wish you could attend too. I trust your writing. Thanks. I hope he getsw out soon also. He has two small boys to raise, and his mom is not getting any younger. I live too far away, and would probably go "redneck" on them anyway. I hope they comply with the new law. I hope some one goes and then lets you know what went on.

Anonymous said...

I have been posting about this meeting on Prison Talk Online since last week. There have been several posters on that website that seemed to be interested in going to the meeting. I wish I could go, but I am just too busy to take a vacation day at work. I hope some of the people from PTO will show up at the meeting. These are good people with a real stake in what goes on with the parole board.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Be sure to tell those folks to take notes and pass them along!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, Mr. Madden and Sen Whitmire will be in attendance. We need someone who will make the BPP follow the rules and let people out who have been paroled. If Mr and Mrs. Owens need to be removed and it appears they both do, now is the time to take them out. We need to stop the medieval treatment of people and make some major changes to the system, starting with the leaders.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Yeah, definitely, even staffers - if you take good notes (be sure to write down the "money quotes"), I'd be willing to publish de-identified excerpts that protect who is the author. But take notes, even cameraphone photos!

And no matter what outlawprincess says, I still want the Rissie Owens Wardrobe Update. Somehow it helps me to have a visual. ;) best,

Anonymous said...

You go, Grits! I expect there are about 137,000 families with a stake in decisions made by the BPP.

These folks can vote and they will. Politicians including Ms. & Mr. Owens listen up!

B Upchurch said...

I agree with outlawprincess, My child finished with his Resocialization Program the last week of May, and has been held over his MLOS a yr 1/2 and still he sits in this group of kids no one wants to be responsible to parole. We have already been approved as his place of residence,when he is paroled, yet still he sits. If he was an adult, he would have some legal rights as to reasonable due process, but sense he is a juvenile offender, obviously he has NO rights...is this right?

Anonymous said...

I just love the OWENS! They are soooo ignorant! Cant wait to get them booooted out!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ed retired today.

So, did anyone report on the parole board meeting?