Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wednesday Open Thread

I'm headed off to the capitol this morning for the joint legislative hearing on TYC. Here are a few epigrammatic items from the news and blogs to tide y'all over till my return:
And don't forget, if you have information you want to share with New York Times reporter Solomon Moore about understaffing issues at TYC or TDCJ, its causes and consequences, email him at smoore[at] He'll be at the TYC hearing this morning, but I know he'd appreciate any help on his story y'all can provide.

Also, if you haven't signed the new online petition against the Texas Driver Responsibility surcharge, discussed here, I hope you'll do so.

Use this post as an open thread to discuss any of these items, TYC, or any other topic that strikes your fancy.

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Tracey Hayes said...

there is someone in austin painting little pictures on wood and screwing them into street signs. they're generally no up very long, but they are sweet little scenes of butterflies and pretty things.