Thursday, August 09, 2007

Jail guard at center of Burleson County bribery scandal

Here's yet another central Texas bribery scandal in the news - this time a Burleson county jailer instead of a soldier, but another corrupt official paid to protect us, nonetheless. When pay is so poor, especially for local jailers, I have to wonder, how do you ever stop that?

If you haven't taken Grits' bribery survey, please do so now - it's short and will just take a minute (use the back button to return when you're done.) I'll publish the results over the weekend, and be tracking official bribery scandals a bit more closely, I suspect, in the future.

I notice in Burleson County, the inmate who allegedly bribed the guard was also indicted, but I've still yet to see prosecutions involving the corporations who allegedly bribed the two soldiers in the two recent Texas cases. Indeed, they aren't even named in the soldiers' indictments. Do you detect a double standard, perhaps?

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