Monday, August 20, 2007

NIMBY legislator hounds halfway house out of her neighborhood

Collin County neighbors led by state Rep. Jodie Laubenberg hounded a local halfway house until it finally shut its doors, reports WFAA-TV.

So, Ms. Laubenberg, you'd rather have these folks homeless on the street, perhaps burglarizing your house instead of receiving re-entry services? Where would you have them go? For once the Texas Department of Criminal Justice called a spade a spade:

A spokesperson for the TDCJ told us "there's such a 'not in my neighborhood mentality' that it's impossible for these people to get back on their feet."

"That is absolutely not true. The way you get someone back on their feet and rehabilitated is you put them somewhere where there is accountability, where there is structure," Laubenberg said.

She and the sheriff say they are fine with halfway houses in Collin County, as long as it's in an appropriate place, not a half block away from where kids play.

Uh, so where in any community isn't near somewhere that kids play? Or perhaps we're just concerned with Rep. Laubenberg's kids?


bob s said...

Ms. Lautenberg should be ashamed for carrying an elitist attitude when it comes to the location of it. Yet another example of a politician whose been in office a little too long and has lost touch with the problems in her own backyard; somewhat of a narcissistic attitude if you ask me

Anonymous said...

Ms Lautenberg should be ashamed of herself. She really is not on the throne she has placed herself on.

Maybe, hopefully someone will remove her from office and she will take her throne with her.