Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hurricane causes visitation cancellations at South Texas prisons

I was asked by someone at Texas CURE to post this notice from the TDCJ ombudsman to offender families regarding changes to visitation schedules tomorrow (Sunday) due to Hurricane Dean:


The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) is participating in conference calls with the Governor’s Division of Emergency Management (DEM) concerning Hurricane Dean.

Visitation for Sunday, August 19th, will be CANCELED at several South Texas units as the State readies for the possible impact of Hurricane Dean. Visitation will be canceled Sunday at the following Texas Department of Criminal Justice Units:

  • Briscoe Unit in Dilley
  • Connally Unit in Kenedy
  • McConnell Unit in Beeville
  • Segovia Unit in Edinburg
  • Stevenson Unit in Cuero
  • Torres Unit in Hondo
  • Garza East & Garza West Units in Beeville
  • Cotulla Unit in Cotulla
  • Glossbrenner Unit in San Diego
  • Dominguez State Jail in San Antonio
  • Lopez State Jail in Edinburg
  • Ney State Jail in Hondo
  • Willacy County State Jail in Raymondville

Family members wishing to seek information on offenders incarcerated in these or other potentially affected TDCJ units may call a 24-hour TDCJ hotline, which will be launched at 3:00 p.m. Saturday, August 18th.

The 24-Hour Family Hotline Number Is: 936-437-6127

Updated information will appear on the TDCJ website as additional information becomes available.


Anonymous said...

Staff and all youth from TYC's Evins unit with the support of TDCJ transport CO staff are on the road tonight. They're heading in land. I'm sure those good folks would appreciate a prayer tonight that all goes safe and well. Evins mustered over 65 staff to make the run. Wow! Now that's teamwork. Things like this prove once and for all that the staff that say they are there for the youth mean it. Hope Owens and Pope show up as well and show their support.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Indeed, good luck to everyone.

Anonymous said...

Great to see things being done now and not on Wednesday evening. We have a friend in Segovia unit who is almost at his release date; I've just sent his mother an email with the info. Thanks for posting it :) Keep safe EVERYONE!

Anonymous said...

my husband just arrived on the Segovia unit,thank u,and i as well will give his mother the info. we send our thanks!