Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tulia, Texas movie will be filmed in Louisiana

The Dallas News reports that the film Tulia, based on Nate Blakeslee's book of the same name, will be shot in Louisiana, not Texas, despite incentives offered by the state to bring the production here. John Singleton (Boyz N the Hood) will direct the movie, Halle Berry will play a crusading civil rights lawyer, and Billy Bob Thornton snagged the villain's role - perjurious undercover cop Tom Coleman.

The Amarillo Globe-News, though, points out that the drug enforcement practices in Tulia are still the norm at many law enforcement agencies. A staff editorial quotes a law enforcement official declaring that it makes little sense to "come in and just arrest a bunch of people and walk away. What do we benefit from that?" The Amarillo editorialist dryly noted, "As officials learned in Tulia, not much."

One hopes this movie will spread that lesson further into the public consciousness.


Anonymous said...

I wonder why the film's creators didn't want to film in Texas? Wonder if they feared retaliation?

Don said...

I didn't know there was any place in Lousiana that resembled Tulia, but that's the movie business. I think it has something to do with budget. Anyway, I live in Levelland, not far from Tulia, and what you would be surprised about is the number of people in these parts who still defend Coleman, the task force, and the busts. I have heard unbelievable statements like "Hayl, yew cud tale thayz awl geelty jist by lekin atom" or something like that. I claim my right to make fun of the dialect because technically I am one of em. I think we may see some sort of resurgence of these task forces. In Hockley County there is a new interlocal agreement with the city and county law enforcement that could be a harbinger. I don't know, I hope not. When something gets so bad that Rick Perry can't abide it anymore, well now that's BAD. He's gotta have a tolerance for sleezy deportment. For anon 10:18, don't think any 1 horse West Texas town would retaliate against a boon to their economy that a movie could bring. First of all, I can take you to several of them where they never heard of Tulia drug busts, and where nobody cares anyway.

Anonymous said...

Could this (see story below) have had something to do with them selecting another state to film Tulia ?

Texas Legislature

May 15, 2007, 2:40AM
Senators want film funds to hinge on portrayal of state
Measure would deny funding for movies if state is portrayed in negative fashion

Chronicle coverage of the Texas Legislature

AUSTIN — Don't mess with Texas' image — at least, not if you're a filmmaker seeking money from the Lone Star State.

That's the message from Senate budget writers who approved a film-incentive measure Monday, but only after specifying that a grant may be denied for "inappropriate content or content that portrays Texas or Texans in a negative fashion."

source: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/special/07/legislature/4803522.html

Gritsforbreakfast said...

The Dallas News implied, but didn't say outright, that Texas pursued the Tulia movie but Louisiana outbid us. But what you describe, 2:22, could easily be why Texas put in a relatively low bid. Thanks for reminding me of that untoward proviso!

Unknown said...

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