Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Take Grits corporate bribery survey

If you haven't taken Grits survey on corporate bribery, I'd encourage you to do so and I'll post the results later this week. The Washington Post reported that the two recent Texas cases I wrote about on Grits are just the tip of the iceberg:
More arrests of military and civilian personnel involved in similar scams are expected in the coming months, said sources close to the investigation who asked not to be named because the case is ongoing. Bowen said his office has found cases of fraud in the Iraq reconstruction effort that have resulted in 13 arrests, eight cases awaiting trail and 28 cases that the Justice Department is investigating. Of the 13 arrests, five have been convicted and four of those are going to prison.
I'm still disturbed by the fact that the USDOJ appears to only be prosecuting soldiers and other individuals who took bribes, but I've yet to hear of any consequences for the COMPANIES who bribed them.

Take the survey and let me know your opinions about corporate bribery and what you think should happen in these cases.

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