Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Cornyn: Border Fence Won't Happen

It's one thing to "authorize" a border fence, it's another thing to appropriate money and build it, says Texas' US Senator John Cornyn. Congress has only done the former, he now declares, but not the latter: No fence will be built as a result of the recent high-profile legislation. It was merely an "important symbolic gesture."

What a surprise: All hat ... no cattle. That's okay. It was a dumb idea, anyway, and nobody on the border wanted it.

UPDATE: More from the Washington Post. They meant a "virtual fence."


PDiddie said...

Completely incoherent and just plain stupid, like every single other word this moron lets fall out of his mouth.

I can't wait to vote his dumb ass out of office in two years.

Anonymous said...

Hey its mister pro censorship. Well you don't always censor. sometimes you just alter posts.

What exactly is it you think stupid about the post. Is he stpudid for voting for it stupid for not building it stupid for playing politics with it which?