Friday, October 27, 2006

Wretched Opinions: Dallas PD analyzes CCA cases

Wretched of the Earth offers up another update from the weekly Texas Court of Criminal Appeals "hand down" list, this time reporting good news: the CCA approved still another DNA-based exoneration of a long-ago convicted defendant- this time a man named Billy Wayne Miller, convicted of sexual assault nearly two decades ago. (I linked here to his first week's offerings.)

PovertyLawyer1 predicts more DNA-based exonerations in Texas coming soon, including one about which he has first-hand knowledge, so stay tuned.

I've been lobbying for this blogger, ribbing him, really, to title his new, regular weekly series summarizing CCA cases "Wretched Opinions," but as a practicing attorney whose cases may actually occasionally get to the CCA, that's probably asking a little much. Still, this is a really great blawgerly service for him to perform - I don't know of anybody else in the state doing anything like it - maybe the Texas Law Blog on the civil side, now that Bradley's back in the game.

See also Wretched's recent informative posts on Dismissal Without Expunction, and the possibility of re-opening the jail in the criminal courts building across from the old red courthouse in downtown Dallas due to overincarceration pressures.

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Mike Howard said...

Thanks for the links and the kind words. You're dead on about the title. I'd love to use it (damn is it catchy), but I do worry about one of the "Justices" throwing it back in my face one day.