Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Welcome back to the Texas Law Blog; visiting old blog friends and new

Bradley Clark is updating the Texas Law Blog, again after a hiatus following the birth of his son Brandon. TLB was posting prolifically before succumbing to the pressures of fatherhood. I'm glad to see him back. Head over and say "Howdy."

Also, I realized this morning I'd neglected to reinstall a link to Injustice Anywhere, one of my favorite public defender bloggers, once she got settled in and began blogging again after moving from Texas to Washington State. Despite such an ill-advised life choice (one moves to Texas from the west coast, dear, not from here to there - it really just isn't done in polite circles), IA remains one of my favorite PD blogs and I encourage you to visit her often.

Finally, see an excellent guide to public defender blogs recently compiled by Public Defender Stuff. There are quite a few new-to-me blogs here. Looks like a great one-stop shopping source for legal bloggers updating their blogrolls. (Grits received "honorable mention" - as a non-PD, I appreciate the props).

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