Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Customizing Google News

"How do you keep up with criminal justice system-related news coverage around the state?," a reader emails to ask. I get this question quite a bit, so if you ever wondered the same thing, here's how I responded:
I'd suggest personalizing your Google News pages. You can pick your own search term to substitute for "World", "U.S." "Sports," "Science," etc..

First you have to create a Google account; if you use gmail you already have one. Then go to the Google News page and on the top right it should have a link to "Personalize" your page. The directions are pretty self explanatory, and it picks up your search terms for all Google News sources. My search terms change over time and depending on current interests, but the ones I'm using right now are listed below:



Texas police

forensic lab

Texas county jail

Texas deputy

Texas probation

Texas prison


wrongful conviction


Nuevo Laredo

Veracruz Mexico

Texas border


Texas Longhorns

Texas Youth Commission

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

prison ministry

Mexico drugs
Whatever your interest, Google's custom news feeds give you access to a much broader array of sources on topics that concern you than whatever the daily newspaper deems fit to print. For folks with particularized information needs like Grits, it's a Godsend.

BTW, feel free to suggest additional criminal justice search terms you think Grits should monitor in the comments.

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